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Children’s development

TEDx Talk: 5 Connections That Will Change Children’s Life

Dr. Laura Jana’s is a pediatrician, health communicator and an award-winning author of two parenting books and three children’s books….

The Significance of Mental Health in Early Childhood

As early experiences shape the architecture of the developing brain, they also lay the foundations of sound mental health. Disruptions…

Novak Djokovic Shares His Views on Early Education and Development

Novak Djokovic is an inspirational figure on and off the court. His achievements on the court are well known to…

Are We Facing the End of Childhood?

How often do you go outside with your children, letting them roam around? How do they spend their childhood? Do…

Outdoor Adventures for Children

We know that children should be more active and spend more time outside. The problem is that there are so…

Learning disabilities

In the first years of school, parents and teachers have to lay the foundations of children’s future.

Drawing Benefits for a Child’s Future

Drawing and coloring is a great activity for children of all ages and quietly acts not only as a way…

Physical activity for children with disabilities

Physical activity and sports are of great importance for proper growth and development of children. 

Why Bedtime Stories Are So Important

Once upon a time, children would prepare themselves for sleep, crawl into their beds and wait for their parents to…

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