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An Awesome Way to Make Kids Less Self-Absorbed

Studies show that empathy levels nowadays are suffering, particularly amongst young people. Self-absorption appears to be replacing empathy at an…

The Harmful Effects of Inequality on Children

In a hypocritical society which favours merit more than equal opportunities and equity, children should be given adequate conditions of…

EU Supports Educational Projects for Children in Crisis

The Novak Djokovic Foundation has done important work for a number of years in improving education for children in a…

Meet Mateja – A Talented Boy from Our School of Life

On our visit to the School of Life in Merosina, we meet Mateja, six-year-old boy with warm, sad eyes. “I’d…

Guide, Not Punish, Pre-schoolers

We teach our children the way we consider best. But take note: experts say that punishing, rather than guiding, your…

How to Support Anxious Preschool Children

Many parents wonder if it is normal for their preschoolers to be anxious. Here are some tips on how to…

A Child’s Social Circle – A Play Date

From a one-man band to a mellifluous duet . The ABC of being social animals.

Is Your Child a Mommy/Daddy-Maniac?

Does your child frequently insist on daddy dropping them off at the bus stop or mommy picking them up from…

Playing Superhero: to What Extent Is it Worth the Idea?

How is it possible for an apparently simple and naive play to trick scientists’ minds and set academical community apart?

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