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A Global Gathering: Investing in the Early Years

The world is beginning to take note that investing in early childhood development (ECD) and education (ECE) matters. High-power meetings…

Jelena Djokovic Speaks about NDF for the Italian Alley Oop

The wife of the tennis great Novak Djokovic, exclusively for the Italian Alley Oop,  talks about her philanthropic work in…

What Are You Willing to Do to Create Social Good?

Embracing an attitude towards making the most of every opportunity will rejuvenate the meaning of charity efforts worldwide towards fostering…

The Warren Buffett's Approach

Warren Buffett is making the deliberate stance to mobilize his time and resources towards shaping a more habitable world for…

Rod Laver’s Message to the World

For once, it was neither Laver’s athleticism, nor his dominance that the crowd was applauding, because both had faded; however,…

Celebrate National Philanthropy Day

November 15, The National Philanthropy day – a day for the whole world to come together united in giving back…

Decoding the phenomenon of ALS Ice bucket challenge

Boards of directors in charities around the world are looking for ways to replicate the success of the ice bucket…

The Best Charity to Donate to

Six steps to help you decide where your charity donation should go to. By an NGO expert, Rosemary D’Monte.

Information on How to Donate to NDF

IMPORTANT: Information on how to donate to NDF.

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