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Start 2014 focusing on positive examples from our society

by , 25th Dec 2013

It is the end of the year and we are all summing up all the good things we’ve done in the previous period. While revoking those memories, we reflect on some good things we could have done, but somehow decided against because we thought they required too much time and effort on our part.

However, the fact is that we don’t have to do TOO MUCH in order to do well for our society and ourselves. Small things are important too. Maybe even more important than the big ones. Imagine if everyone did one small deed a day/a month even, what a wonderful world we would be living in?

Since it is the time of Christmas and the time of giving and receiving, I would like to mention one story that has put a smile to my face and made me proud of being a citizen of Belgrade. Like the students you will see in these videos, I too believe that in each of us there is something good and humane. We all want to do a good deed and help those that need it the most. However, we often lack imagination, motivation or time to do so. These handful of students from Belgrade showed that giving does not need to be a weight upon your shoulders. It can also be a fun, creative activity that will draw people together because they have united to do greater good for those that need our help.

Watch videos below and let us know what you think. And if you have any videos or stories to share of others who help society, please send them all to Let’s start this year with sharing good and positive stories from our own neighborhoods; of humane and wonderful deeds that people around us have done. We will run the best story once a month, so that we all can get great ideas and be inspired to help people around us to lead a more fulfilling life.

Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year from all of us in the NDF Team.



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  •' igor terzic says:

    Surely it’s about time the New Year holidays a good way to take advantage of every moment to share joy and happiness to those who need it most and who know how to appreciate and respect as much as they can give pleasure to know that they will use as they should.
    These holidays should be used maximally to devote to children and teaching them what these days mean for all of us and how long it takes our little would someone use a lot of what we adults pay attention and take care of the youngest inhabitants of our planet who make up our world nobler and more beautiful place to live .
    There are many examples of how our humanity and concern for others to share with those who do a lot of meaning in life that we are filling them with those activities that make them happy and content in a way that we are all part of the feelings that motivate us to give of ourselves what the other needed to make and they feel the right way what it means to be satisfied that they can have a lot of joy out of it as we can provide them satisfaction that they enrich life in the full sense .
    For as much as we give and receive in this way we can do a lot for those who are very much necessary for the fulfillment of their dreams , which does not have to be elusive so that we know how to reach them and how to achieve them , because little things we make a great people and a great and noble acts are an expression of love and respect for the feelings of those who know that they receive the right way .

  •' igor terzic says:

    I wish you a fruitful new in 2014 – the year to keep all the good that you have started in the old pantry and discard everything you need in the new order to be happy with those who love you and whom you love sharing the selfless love that connects us all one indissoluble bond that is stronger than anything which can be separated, and that even a small portion of happiness is great hope and faith in a better tomorrow, and hopefully the future.

    Happy New Year and up-coming holidays.

    Greetings to all of you from me.

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