The Powerful Gift of Memories

by NDFAuthors

  • мар 02, 2017

Do you remember preschool? Kindergarten? We all have pockets of memories of our early school days: the good, the bad, the ugly, the wonderful, and the truly awkward.

We all had days or moments as children in the classroom where we either had to choke back hot tears of shame or delighted in the warm glow of getting something really right. And whether you loved preschool or hated it, the point is, you went. Those memories are yours, your very own, and those experiences shaped you and guided you, and are partly, or largely, responsible for who you are today. For your achievements and accomplishments both mighty and humble. For the good in you. The sensitive in you. The strength in you. The confidence in you. The gentleness in you. The pride in you.

Boy looking up to the camera and smiling

And so many children in this world, too many adults who are yet to be, don’t get the same opportunity.

They don’t get those experiences, those memories, because they don’t have the opportunity to attend preschool. They don’t get to begin school early enough to be on an equal playing field with their peers and to have a real shot at excellence. So many children could permanently be left behind.


Their lives might forever be a shadow of what they could have been because they were denied the basic right of an early education that you and I were given. And when it comes to Serbia,  the post-conflict nation that requires strong, kind, confident and thoughtful leaders, teachers, parents, and thinkers, we’re talking half. Half of all children don’t have the chance to start school soon enough.

Children learning through play in their preschool

Why Is This so Important?

Early childhood education has been irrefutably proven to drastically affect a child’s brain and future potential in incredibly positive ways. It literally hard-wires children for success. Long term, children who do not have the chance to attend preschool suffer: they are more likely to be unemployed, become incarcerated, and abuse drugs and alcohol.

So let’s change it.

Let’s change those lives. In doing so, let’s change the course of Serbian and European and world history because starting somewhere matters.

What if you feel overwhelmed? What if you’ve already given to other causes but haven’t felt like it really mattered?

You can do something to improve the lives of young children in Serbia and beyond. It is truly possible.

You can improve the life of one child. Today. What you are able to give right now- whether it’s a little or a lot- will have an immediate impact on a child’s life.

preschool memories

Ask us to prove it to you; we will. We can tell you exactly where your money is going because 100% of your donations go towards one of our programs.

You can help us build a school or fund a teacher’s training. You can help us fill a library with so many books that a child will never run out of the words they need to fuel dreams and weave ideas from thin air. Or to build a soccer field that will witness more muddy knees and breathless victories than could ever be counted.

You can give so much more than a dollar donation- you can give memories. The kind that last  and make a lifetime.