Novak Djokovic, Humanitarian of the year award: "Let's believe in children's dreams together"

by NDFAuthors

  • мар 21, 2019

Yesterday at the National Museum of Serbia in Belgrade, Novak Djokovic won  a humanitarian award given by the  Diplomacy & Commerce magazine, and the Novak Djokovic Foundation won the award for the Foundation of the Year. The Diplomacy & Commerce magazine awarded for the third time individuals, companies and organizations which stood out in their humanitarian efforts. Due to Novak’s preparations for the masters in Miami, Novak was unable to attend the awarding ceremony. However, he sent a warm letter of gratitude that recognizes  the importance of teamwork.    


Dear friends,


I am sorry that I cannot be there with you tonight. I have an exciting week ahead of me at the Miami Masters, so wish me good luck.


I am extremely happy and grateful to receive the news that you have recognized the Novak Djokovic Foundation as the best humanitarian organization, and me the humanitarian of the year.


Ever since I was little, I had many dreams and wishes – and I have achieved many of those dreams and wishes on the court. Winning trophies turned into a different kind of passion. My victories are no longer only mine. I use the means, the voice and influence I have to help those who need help the most. These are the children who are yet to achieve their potential and become successful individuals. Today, more than ever, we question our parenting skills, and we feel the need to learn about how to be real and honest support in the development of our children. I am also learning about this, and this is certainly one of the most valuable lessons for me.


Even though I am a singles player on the court, in life and in humanitarian actions I am by no means alone.


I would also like to touch on this award symbolically, and dedicate it to those who play matches on the court of humanity every day – my team at the Foundation, led by my wife, our partners, organizations that are working as passionately as we are on changing the statistics, all the wonderful teachers and lecturers, parents.

It makes me happy that you have recognized my team as trustworthy and I look forward to inviting you to join us on our projects and actively support our work.


Then we are all winners.


Today, Serbia has several hundred more facilities for preschool children, thanks to all of us who believe in the early development. In 20-30 years, someone will sit where we are now, instead of us. We should start thinking about that now. Let us be replaced by those who are better than us. Let’s believe in their dreams together.



Thank you,


Novak Djokovic