The Season of Giving is Around the Corner: Here's What We Did Together with the Funds Raised Last Winter

by NDFAuthors

  • нов 25, 2022

The Season of Giving starts on Tuesday! Last year’s campaign, the most successful so far, collected a record amount of money from which we opened two preschools for 375 children this year.

Bit by bit, another holiday season is upon us!

Thanks to a large number of noble individuals and companies, last year we exceeded the initial goal of the campaign almost five times, and in the end collected more than 345,000 euros which secured new places in preschools throughout Serbia. Like every year, our founders, Novak and Jelena Djokovic, inspired by the generosity of everyone who joined the campaign, matched all donations.  

Danina and Neda, friends for life.

Let’s recall: the goal of the campaign last year was to collect funds for the reconstruction, adaptation and equipping of the preschool in the municipality of Medijana in Nis. It is expected that this preschool will be opened next year, so that Neda and Danina can start their preschool adventure and meet new friends.

Last Season of Giving secured the opening of the Little Ship preschool in Brzi Brod.

While we await the completion of the work on the preschool in Nis, we remind you that your donations have already contributed to the opening of another two preschools – Little Ship in Brzi Brod near Nis in April (125 children) and Blue Star in Sajlovo near Novi Sad in November (250 children). The Novak Djokovic Foundation has fully equipped five and nine study rooms in these places, respectively, and achieved excellent cooperation with local self-governments.

Last Season of Giving secured the opening of the Blue Star preschool in Sajlovo.

This Season of Giving, we have another adorable story in store for you. What could it be? While you wait, try to think about your grandmothers and the stories they used to tell you when you were little. It brings back some good memories, doesn’t it?

You can find some answers by looking at the sky. While doing so, focus on chimneys you see on house roofs. Or at least be patient until Tuesday, when we will tell you everything!