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An emotionally stable child is a happy, capable child.

The NDF, in partnership with The Hawn Foundation, decided to introduce the MindUP program to Serbia in cooperation with the Ministry of Education. The success of the program will lead to its acceptance into the system of early childhood and primary education.

Mind Up

Mind Up is an innovative program developed in the United States by a team of teachers, psychologists, and neuroscientists. Through a diverse series of lessons, the program teaches children the link between the brain, emotion, and behavior. This pioneering course empowers children by giving them the tools necessary to acknowledge and validate their emotions, and in doing so helps them to choose appropriate, healthy behaviors over unhealthy actions. The Mind UP program has been proven to reduce instances of bullying and violence in schools, and children enrolled in the program consistently show an improved awareness of their emotions, less stress, and a more optimistic outlook on life.

Our Approach

We train the program trainers.

Organizing trainings for teachers.

Help teachers integrate the program into their teaching curriculum.

Encourage teachers to organize workshops in kindergartens and in primary schools.

In cooperation with the Hawn Foundation, we monitor and evaluate the impact the program has on children’s behaviour.

Report our findings to the Ministry of Education.

See where we’ve made a difference

There are 15 lessons in the curriculum:

Perspective Taking


Mindful Moving (Part 1)

Mindful Moving (Part 2)

Mindful Tasting

Mindful Smelling

Mindful Seeing

Perspective Listening

Mindful Awareness

How Our Brains Work

Happy Experiences

Focused Attention

Expressing Gratitude

Mindful Action in Our Community

Acts of Kindness

The program’s goals are for children aged 4 – 14 to learn to:

Reduce stress and anxiety.

Improve concentration and academic performance,

Understand the brain science linking emotions, thoughts, and behaviours,

Manage emotions and behaviour more effectively,

Develop greater empathy for others and the world,

Be optimistic, happy and resilient.

Mind Up is at its most successful in schools where the 15 lessons are taught to students explicitly. Then the knowledge and skills at the heart of that lesson are practiced and consolidated across the curriculum afterwards. The program does not replace any part of the teacher’s curriculum, but enhances how they teach and how children learn and approach life.

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