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Schools of Life

Building and refurbishing schools in economically challenged areas

Our Purpose

We build or refurbish schools in economically challenged areas so that children will have the best possible chance to develop into confident, secure, productive adults. Preschool education matters: research shows that children who start school early go on to lead better lives. We work together to give children better lives.
This is why we call these projects
Schools of Life – Together for Childhood.

The Challenge

Serbia currently has approximately 180,000 children who are between the ages of 3 and 5. In 2014, UNICEF research showed that only 50% of these children are enrolled in a preschool program; in rural areas, this percentage drops down to 22%. This is difficult to accept but not impossible to understand; there are still 2,500 locations in Serbia without any preschool facilities at all.

The statistics show that the children who are least likely to have access to early education are children from poor areas, children with developmental delays, and Roma children, who are often not even registered. These children need preschool the most.

What We Do About It

Work with Local Authorities

Work with local authorities to obtain either a building to refurbish or a piece of land on which to build, all permits and building licenses.

Better Schools

Build or create safe, modern, clean schools for children to attend.

Teacher Training

Train all staff and teachers and hold on-going training seminars for both to continue to improve the quality of teaching.

Best Possible Education

Use up-to-date curriculum and work with local government to ensure our children receive the best possible education and start in life.

Why Build Schools?

To improve the conditions in which children grow up. Our schools are a safe, reliable place for a child to rely on during a time when they need stability the most.

Our schools focus on each child as an individual and as a member of society as a whole; we believe that each child has the right to discover their own limitless potential so that as they grow they can contribute to the world in positive ways.

We promote healthy lifestyles: students learn the importance of diet, exercise, sports, and quality leisure time. A healthy child is a happy child, and healthy children grow into capable adults.

Preschools can be a powerful part of a community; our schools often become the site for local programs and activities. Our ultimate goal is to improve the lives of children and the families they belong to.

It Works

We are proud of the work we do. It is our privilege and honor to change lives for the better.
As we open more Schools of Life, here is what we expect:

More children enrolled in quality preschool programs.

New parks and playgrounds in keeping with what each community needs.

To work closely with children, young people, parents and members of the community to integrate their ideas into our school designs and programs.

Recognition from government for the high quality of our programs.

Increased financial support from local and national branches of government.

Improved competence of the adults who work with children and families through a set of diverse, accredited training seminars.

Better understanding of the importance of healthy living.

Most importantly: the inclusion of children who have been left marginalized for too long. We see them, and they matter!

The Schools

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