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ABC of Better Me

The ABC of Better Me project was created to meet the needs of children, their parents and preschool institutions in Serbia regarding the development of healthy eating habits early in life.

Children’s food preferences and  eating habits are largely formed in the early years

Young children often imitate the eating behaviours of their peers, parents and other significant adults in their lives. The increase in families with two working parents and time limitations have led to the ‘convenience revolution’, encouraging the consumption of “quick & easy”  meals and snacks that often aren’t the healthiest choices.


The project comprises:

  • Theoretical-educational part – workshops for children, parents, teachers and other staff members in preschool institutions
  • Practical part – presenting the model for setting up a raised bed garden/seedbed in every preschool
  • Institutional level – linking various institutions, experts and interested parties to support the overall child development by encouraging children and their parents to acquire healthy eating habits and improving diet quality at home and in non-family settings.

Learn. Choose better. Grow well.

We want to support early childhood development by promoting better eating habits among preschool children, in kindergarten and at home, and involving all target groups focused on the well-being and proper development of children to achieve this goal.

Project activities:

  • Setting up and maintaining the “Smart gardens”
  • Teacher training on gardening with preschoolers
  • Teacher training on educating children to develop a better understanding of natural processes
  • Lectures intended for parents
  • Culinary workshops for children and their parents
  • 1-day field trip: visit to local organic producer’s farm



Partners on the Project

The importance of this project was recognized and supported by:

GIZ – financial partner

“Serbia Organica” – parent education and cooking workshops

Public health institute „Batut“ – parent education workshops

This project is officially supported by the Ministry of agriculture, forests and water management.

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