MyChild Application - A Detailed Report of Your Child's Day

by NDFAuthors

  • Jan 25, 2016

Do you want to know how your child is doing in daycare? MyChild app is used by hundreds of early child care centers to deliver feedback and important information to parents of children ages 0-5.

MyChild is a groundbreaking app that updates parents with information, reports, and pictures of their children during their time at daycare.  It is currently used by childcare centers in over 25 states across the country and is still rapidly expanding. Since its inception in 2012, the company has raised $3 million in funding.  It’s amount of employees is also increasing as they plan to jump from 10 to 19 staff members by the end of this month. As more daycare centers across the United States begin to use MyChild, the company will only continue to grow. Plans are already in motion to expand internationally in the near future.

Copyright: Fh Photo

Copyright: Fh Photo

MyChild was founded by a Dad, Hugo Augusto. Like most people with children, Augusto sends his two year-old boy to daycare while he works. Augusto came up with the idea for the app because he never really had a good idea how his child was doing during the course of the day. The written reports from the daycare was so generic and often got lost in the daily shuffle of his busy workday combined with raising his toddler. A phone app was therefore the best solution.

MyChild Promotes Parent and Child Bonding

The idea behind the app is that parents can check in whenever they get the chance during their busy days. Whether this is at lunch or in between meetings, parents will be able to carry on with a clear conscience knowing that their child is happy, healthy, and taken care of. The accessibility of technology today makes this such a successful way of getting information to parents. In an instant they can pull up an update or picture of their little ones no matter what they’re doing or where they are.

Copyright: GaudiLab

Copyright: GaudiLab

Besides just updating the parents, MyChild also promotes parent and child bonding. According to the Center for American Progress, about 24 percent of children attend some sort of daycare. This can lead to a lack of substance in a parent-child relationship as the two just aren’t together for enough time during the day. MyChild provides a solution to the issue as it can let you know what your child is up to. Maybe one day they’re playing with blocks or spending time with a new friend. Whatever they are up to, parents can see this and have a better idea how their child wants to spend their time. This will keep parents in better touch with their children.

MyChild Application Allows Parents to Be Close to Their Children

Other important information can be shared on the app.  This includes what meals the child has been served and how much they ate, the amount of time then spent sleeping versus socializing, and even updates on the child’s mood and attitude.  The overarching goal is to keep parents up to speed with everything going on with their child.

Copyright: Patryk Kosmider

Copyright: Patryk Kosmider

MyChild is one of many new innovations utilizing modern technology to make the world a better place. So much focus recently has been on the dangers of becoming too digital that sometimes we lose sight of how technology can truly benefit the world. Companies like MyChild display the true power of the modern world and just how greatly we can positively impact the world by making use of the resources around us. Something as simple as daycare updates via an app can aid thousands of parents with their ability to be close to their children while raising them properly and catering to their needs.  


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