Movies You and Your Kids Will Love This Summer

by NDFAuthors

  • Jul 03, 2014

As summer is slowly on its way, so are several blockbuster releases. Many anticipated movies are finally coming out and they already have fans aching to watch. So grab your paper and pen and get ready to jot down all of these films you just can’t pass up on.

Transformers in theatres June 27th

This action packed film will keep your tweens and teens on end, and you entertained as well. The sci fi film takes place four years after the invasion of Chicago, depicted in Michael Bay’s last transformer film, Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon. AOE follows a deactivated Optimus Prime who is discovered by a struggling mechanic Cade Yader (Mark Whalberg) and his daughter Tessa (Nicola Peltz). This will be the first of the Transformer movies to feature the Dinobots.

Earth to Echo in theatres July 7

Earth to Echo opens in theatres July 7, so get pumped moms and dads of middle schoolers. The story is centered around five friends, one alien and the United States Government. The tweens are solicited via cryptic cellphone messages just before finding an alien pal which puts them in a sticky situation.

Fire and Rescue in theatres July 18

Your young ones will swoon watching this vividly colored Disney summer installment. The sequel to Planes will follow Dusty Crophopper voiced again by comedian Dane Cook. Dusty joins a team of highly trained firefighting rescue aircraft to save national parks from wildfires. So, make it a themed activity! Go to the park after the movie, watch your kids whirl around with outstretched arms, or, follow the movie with a camping trip. What a fantastic moment to talk about the importance of forest fire safety or the beauty of nature, as well as those who keep it all so well preserved for the rest of us to enjoy.

Guardians of the Galaxy in theatres August 1

As the Summer winds down, quell teenage-rage with Guardians of the Galaxy. This movie promises to be a must-see-blockbuster, that teens won’t want to miss. The movie is based on a Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name, so nerds or not, your kids might find a way to connect. If you have a budding comic writer, or graphic novelist on your hands encourage them with this film. In the movie, team of extraterrestrial misfits led by Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) must secure an orb that puts the fate of our galaxy in the balance.

The Giver in theatres August 15

The Giver is a prime opportunity to encourage reading this summer. The film is based on a children’s novel of the same name, The Giver by Lois Lowry. The Giver has been a summer reading list staple for grades six through eight and I would encourage parents to take this opportunity to read and then watch the film and vice versa. There are deep themes in the book about utopian society, and the emotional importance of choosing your own path. Don’t miss this book/movie opportunity to bond this summer!