Celebrate National Philanthropy Day

by NDFAuthors

  • Nov 15, 2014

November 15, The National Philanthropy day – a day for the whole world to come together united in giving back to the communities around us.

National Philanthropy Day is not only a big day for Novak Djokovic Foundation but also an opportunity for all of you, global philanthropists, to celebrate and recognize activities of your donors, volunteers, foundations, leaders, corporations, and other philanthropic stakeholders.

Effective Philanthropy

National Philanthropy day is all about increasing public awareness for effective philanthropy. It is more than just giving, it is about focusing our generosity towards the ones who are in the greatest need. What is actually celebrated as a national day is, in fact, a grassroots movement of people, leaders, corporations and volunteers gathered around the idea of love for humanity.


Wise Giving

Wise giving is teaching us to move from being a passive donor to becoming an active donor. Association of Fundraising professionals has come up with Five “Ps” of Wise Giving. The first one is about being passionate about the causes that interest you the most, the ones you deeply care about. Then, as a donor, you have to be proactive and identify the charities which work on issues with the most relevant impact. Some great resources online for such a search are Guidestar, Charity Navigator and the Better Business Bureau.

Next, as a donor, you have to be prepared.Get to know the organization to which you are about to donate your time and money and make sure they are credible and trustworthy. In other words, make sure they are doing great work.


Additionally, planning instead of throwing your money on a whim is important.As in other segment in managing your finances, you want to know when and how much you want to invest. Finally, as proactive and wise donor you have to make sure that your donation is used up to its full potential, so try to consider all the ways to support your favorite charities.

If you would like to take a moment and donate to Novak Djokovic Foundation on National Philanthropy day and support our programs, you can do so through this link.