Building a Brand That Parents Trust for Childhood Education

by NDFAuthors

  • Apr 28, 2023

Running a daycare center can be overwhelming. With so many facilities opening, parents struggle to find the ideal daycare for their children. That’s why an effective marketing strategy must differentiate a childhood development program brand from competitors and explain to parents why they are a worthy option.

However, most childcare business owners struggle with marketing, which is why so many early learning facilities are among the best-kept secrets in their neighborhoods. Making an impact is, nevertheless, more straightforward than you may imagine in the modern digital era.

With that said, here are some effective marketing strategies that will help you gain parents’ trust in their children’s education.

Build a Brand Message

It’s critical to remember your brand’s core principles. You must develop your viewpoint and a compelling brand message for the daycare marketing strategy to achieve this. Outline the most significant ideas from your list of possible points. Keep in mind that you must consider parenting issues as well.

You can respond to inquiries such as “What might attract a parent to your facility?”, “What are the beliefs that guide you?”, “What makes your facility unique from other daycare facilities?”, “How would you attract a larger audience?” etc.

You must respond to these few queries before beginning the action plan. Create a distinctive brand narrative, then market it to new parents so that they think of it first.

To achieve brand credibility, you may consider using owned and earned media and utilize them to your advantage.

Promote in Every Interaction

There are lots of parents. Therefore, every interaction is an opportunity. Take advantage of promoting your daycare facility whenever you interact with parents and ensure that your service name, contact information, motto, and a brief explanation of your services are elaborated, such as encouraging arts and creativity to children or taking them to the theater to help in their development.

Adding service details and a link to your website in every email signature would also be best.

Participate in Social Media

Participating in online discussions in social networks that cater to parents is another successful strategy for promoting childcare services.

Social media is powerful but can also be overwhelming, and it’s not getting any simpler. A Facebook presence is an imperative necessity for early learning services. It is also a simple way to be found should one of your clients recommend you—if they have “liked” your page, they can simply share it with others. At the very least, utilize it to keep your community updated on key dates and events when your school year starts.

In addition, social media allows you to develop a voice and a brand. Share or like stories that reflect this, and show this through your interactions on your page. For instance, it could be a serious, authoritative, kind, nurturing, or fun and cheerful tone. Your internet presence can reveal a lot about you to your community.

Organize an Event

If your business is new to the area, you might want to attend an event that is free and accessible to everyone. The idea is to let people know you exist by allowing them to see your facility. A barbecue, an open house, or an art fair are possible events. The concept is a stress-free method for families to visit your location while enjoying precious time together.

If your service has been operating for a while, consider concentrating on activities that enhance your early education credentials. It could be a course on a topic related to parenting or a guest speaker on a topic related to early education that parents find interesting: handling tantrums, suggestions for better eating habits, creative ways to boost children’s emotional and mental health, etc.

Always have materials available for attendees to take away, including brochures and even registration forms. To stay in touch afterward, use the events to gather emails; a page on a clipboard will do.

Encourage Reviews

Online positive ratings of your company increase its value and reputation. It raises the likelihood of conversion and encourages prospective clients to trust you.

It is preferable if you gradually expand the internet community of these positive evaluations. You can ask parents one at a time to share their experiences on social data and user rating platforms. You might also share the review websites’ links on social media and encourage users to share their experiences.

Regularly Disseminate Educational Content

Share instructional materials on your social media sites, such as informative articles. You can create a blog and post brief articles about these topics.  Some are visual learners, so you can also incorporate visual marketing tactics like sharing infographics or videos.

Additionally, you can share articles written by others or add a sentence or two linking your child care to that article to accomplish the same.

Original content gains value over time. It increases your authority and lets you instruct your neighborhood in your language. Being read is a very different experience than writing. It would be best if you thus considered how you will accomplish it.

Gain Network

Networking in your local community or your area of interest is an essential component of marketing for child care centers, or any marketing for that matter. Local mother-to-be or parenting organizations want to hear your opinion about your world. You are more knowledgeable than you realize about early education, picking a daycare center, getting ready for preschool, and transitioning to school.

You may offer any number of speeches that would be beneficial and give you a helpful method to enter conversations about early education in your community. Always keep business cards or brochures on hand, and consider offering discounts to maintain a relationship with a group.

Bottom Line

While marketing can be time-consuming, it is worthwhile when waiting lists are lengthy and enrollment increases. However, you can only achieve this by executing effective marketing strategies to build your brand that parents trust for childhood education.

About the Author: Chatty Garrate is a freelance writer from Manila. She finds joy in inspiring and educating others through writing. That’s why aside from her job as a language evaluator for local and international students, she spends her leisure time writing about various topics such as lifestyle, technology, HR, and business.