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Inspirational Stories

Inspirational Stories

Children Asked to Choose Between Giving or Receiving the Perfect Present

By NDFAdmin on 22nd Dec 2017

If you had little and were given the hard choice of getting something you want or making someone you care…

Inspirational Stories

You Are Never Too Young to Start Changing the World

By Marija Ristic on 12th Jan 2017

No matter how young you may be, it’s never too early to start changing the world. This is what the story…

Inspirational Stories

Talking Publicly About The Charitable Giving

By Jelena Đoković on 26th Dec 2016

It is an absolute privilege and honor to be in a place where you can affect someone’s life meaningfully. I…

Inspirational Stories

The Olympic Team That Gives Hope to Millions of Children

By Bojana Rangelov on 21st Aug 2016

This summer, for the first time in history, an all-refugee team competed under the Olympic flag. The Novak Djokovic Foundation…

Inspirational Stories

9-year Old Girl Completed US Navy Seals Obstacle Course

By Selena Ivanovic on 6th Aug 2016

Milla Bizzotto, who is 9 years old, has finished the 24-hour Battlefrog challenge – a U.S Navy-designed obstacle course. Milla was…

Inspirational Stories

Sir Nicholas Winton – How Deeds of One Man Inspire Others?

By Sayeh Yousefi on 19th Jul 2016

Sir Nicholas Winton, at the young age of 29, organized the rescue of 669 Jewish children who were destined for…

Inspirational Stories

The Humans of New York

By Harrison Ceruto on 11th Nov 2015

Perhaps the most incredible part of Humans of New York’s success and popularity is its power to unite people to…

Inspirational Stories

Can a Joker Change the World?

By NDFAdmin on 13th Sep 2015

Can a joker change the world? We think so. Do you?

Inspirational Stories

Mother, Thank You for Everything

By Nebojsa Mandrapa on 10th May 2015

I cannot thank you enough for all the support and love that you gave me. Thank you so much for…


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