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Inspirational Stories

Inspirational Stories

11 Teams Ran and Supported Our Mission at Milano Marathon

By NDFAdmin on 7th Apr 2022

From Belgrade and Milano via Buenos Aires, Florida, Chicago, France, and back—Novak Djokovic Foundation community once again showed its strength…

Inspirational Stories

Meet a Girl Who Beat the Autism Symptoms with the Help of Water Sports

By NDFAdmin on 17th Mar 2021

n our work, we have witnessed numerous times, that there is no limit to what a child can do if…

Inspirational Stories

Inspired by Our Top Fundraiser: Cycling 1200 km for Education of Children in Serbia

By NDFAdmin on 25th Jan 2021

he success of our Season of Giving campaign does not measure only in the number of funds we will raise….

Inspirational Stories

The Story about Best Friends from our School of Life in the village of Ljukovo

By NDFAdmin on 18th Dec 2020

Wanting to show Dragana how much her effort, time, and passion have changed the lives of children in the village…

Inspirational Stories

5 Remarkable Serbian Women Who Were Once Just Little Girls Too

By NDFAdmin on 10th Oct 2020

Why wouldn’t you celebrate the International Day of a Girl by telling your daughter, niece, gran-daughter, friend about the fascinating…

Inspirational Stories

A Couple That Climbed Kilimanjaro and Raised Money for Children in Serbia

By NDFAdmin on 18th Oct 2019

There was it in the distance, hiding among the clouds in all its glorious beauty – the roof of Africa….

Our Stories

Volunteering as a life-changing experience

By NDFAdmin on 4th Dec 2018

Author: Sanja Petrovski, NDF volunteer at the Friendship Games Remember those questions everyone asked us all the time when we…

Early Childhood Development

My month of “teaching challenge”: Stefan and I visiting the museum

By Jelena Đoković on 12th Jul 2018

”Two children decided to go to the museum. I prepared for one, but not for the other.” Find out more…

Inspirational Stories

Children Asked to Choose Between Giving or Receiving the Perfect Present

By NDFAdmin on 22nd Dec 2017

If you had little and were given the hard choice of getting something you want or making someone you care…


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