World Theatre Day

by NDFAuthors

  • Mar 27, 2016

One of our projects started  in August 2014 when we decided to donate  65.000 euros  to the children’s theatre “Bosko Buha” in Belgrade in order to restore the habit of going to the theatre and enable kids to enjoy their favourite plays.

World Theatre Day is celebrated annually on the 27th March in many countries. To mark this occasion various national and international theatre events are organized with the aim to promote the art of theatre to the world, make people aware of the value of theatre and share joy with others through live performance.

The mission of Novak Djokovic Foundation is to raise awareness of the importance of investing in early childhood development and education and gain much needed public attention and support to create best possible conditions for children to grow up, play and learn. Through the implementation of our projects and activities, such as opening new and reconstructed schools and preschool institutions in Serbia, we try to contribute to the improvement of educational system in our country.

However, on this day we would like to emphasize the role of theatre in the upbringing of children, as it significantly enriches their early experiences and provides numerous benefits for the youngest audience. Thus, in order to restore the habit of going to the theatre and enable kids to enjoy their favourite plays, in August 2014 we decided to donate 65.000 euros  to the children’s theatre “Bosko Buha” in Belgrade, as being one the oldest and biggest theatres for children and youth in Serbia and beyond. We are glad that “Bosko Buha” will welcome the next season with new stage, seats, and theatre curtains designed and made according to the highest child safety regulations and standards. Thanks to this donation, 126 new seats were provided, along with the curtains separating the stage from the audience, as well as a set of stage curtains made of durable and flame retardant fabrics and a new stage floor.


There are many reasons why children’s theatre matters. Most obviously, if we expose children to drama and theatre, they are likely to develop an appreciation for the arts. But there are emotional and psychological benefits too. Theatre is a symbolic means that helps kids connect with their emotions, understand parts of themselves that they haven’t even developed, put things in perspective and liberate their feelings. In addition, the theatre allows them to develop the ability to listen to different sides of a story and opens up entire new worlds they might not have seen otherwise. As a result, children learn social values and are always capable of appreciating and respecting other experiences and realities.

Therefore, we hope that parents will take their children to “Bosko Buha” and other children’s theatres, help them step into the whole new world made of fantasies and dreams, and at the same time, gain personal insight into positive impact of the theatre on their little ones.