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Do You Want to Write for the Novak Djokovic Foundation?

by , 30th Aug 2016

Become a part of the Novak Djokovic Foundation team of writers! Have Your Say!

The Novak Djokovic Foundation is pleased to announce an open call for writers. This is an ideal opportunity for those who are looking to get to a byline and build their clips portfolio for a future career in journalism.

Who Are the NDF Writers?

Our Writers are the original voices. They are students or recent graduates, poised for the next step in their career. NDF Writers are passionate about fostering a positive impact through their writing. They join the Novak Djokovic Foundation editorial team with a mission to influence and change their surroundings for the better.

The Program

During the program, NDF Writers are fully immersed in all the segments of the editorial at the Novak Djokovic Foundation. They publish every week and  share their expertise and ideas and engage in developing engaging stories.

Skills Development

NDF Writers are looking to start off their writing careers and  set out on the journey towards a career with great professional impact. The Novak Djokovic Foundation provides the experienced team of our Chief Editors to guide and mentor the Fellows into becoming professional writers. Every NDF Writer is given an opportunity to pitch the ideas, engage in the NDF debates and receive peer feedback. The NDF Writers’  program is designed to increase confidence among young writers and enhance their skills for a professional career in media, philanthropy and  journalism.

Copyright: Undrey

Copyright: Undrey

Ideal Candidates:

Authors will work directly with the country/section editor to contribute daily news posts, features, and articles.

Writers will have an opportunity to produce at least three articles per month and be featured on the media platform as contributors.

The ideal candidates should have a strong voice, proven writing skills, experience pitching stories, a wealth of ideas, be absolutely fanatical about meeting deadlines and be passionate about making a difference.

An online application will not be considered completed unless it has:

  • A cover letter
  • Résumé,
  • Up to 3 clips of your work

All applications should be sent to


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  •' MAXIM ĆOROVIĆ says:

    vrlo rado bih vam pomogao u pisanju ;ali neznam kako !?? mnogo korisniji bih možda bio kao volonter razvoz svojim kolima nekoga ili nečega o svom trošku itd; ili oko organi zacije bilo čega idejna pomoć itd naime smislite kako me iskoristiti (***MATOR I IMA VREMENA*** NARAVNO MLAD U DUŠI (+++ODUŠEVLJEN ŽNAČAJEM BILO KOJE FONDACIJE KOJA ČONI IRADI DOBRA DELA POGOTOVO U INTERESU DECE ,KROZ EDUKACIJU A BOGAMI I GRADNJU…(SVAŠTA NEŠTO ),SAMNOM ILI BEZ MENE ŽELIM VAM USPEH U RADU!!!!

  • Mundymercado@AOL.COM' Edmund says:


    I Write about mindfulness in health care and nursing on my FB page. I would like to write for Novak and his foundation.



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