The Children Who Donated Textbooks

by NDFAuthors

  • Mar 07, 2014

The media is obsessed with bad news nowadays. We can rarely hear or read something positive from our society or surrounding.

However, this doesn’t mean that people are generally not inclined to do something good. Although it’s not in the spotlight, I’m sure you can find goodness and kindness everywhere you turn. There are many good people in your neighborhood, workplace, school, among your friends, among those who are in trouble or who have everything they need. Children in particular demonstrate acts of kindness. Even little things can brighten someone else’s day, they show us all the time.

Such a thing happened with kids from elementary school “čuro Strugar” in Belgrade. Even though they are still very young, these children showed me they were capable of good deeds and of making other children happy. I admit I was amazed by their maturity and awareness.

They came up with an excellent idea to donate their textbooks and workbooks to pupils from other schools in Serbia. They have heard that many of their peers in other cities do not have the didactic materials and books needed for learning. It’s either because their parents often lack money to buy such books for them, or there is nobody else who can provide them with all the necessary things for school. That’s why the children from “čuro Strugar” school came to the idea to collect their own books, which they don’t use any more, and to give them away to those who need it most. In a very short period of time they succeeded in collecting many nice school books, which were almost brand new. They packed them in boxes and called NDF for help. They’ve explained the purpose of their “project”, and asked for further directions. We were more than glad to help them and to be part of this wonderful story.


To make sure the collected material went to kids who need it most, we first contacted Tamara, executive director of the organization “Indigo” from Niš (Group for children and youth). NDF always had good cooperation with this organization, which aims at developing informal forms of education and covers many municipalities in southern Serbia. Therefore, thanks to Tamara we found out that there were many children from Novi Pazar who needed the collected materials most. We arranged everything in a very short time, and the parcels came to the right hands.

The pupils from elementary school “čuro Strugar” have showed us that everybody can contribute, and do something good and be generous. There are no obstacles if you have a good heart and strong will. As NDF team, we are here to help and motivate all thoughtful people, who think about others’ feelings, wants, needs, and desires usually before their own.

I believe that we all helped others in some way and made them happy. Can you recall some of these situations? How did you feel in those moments knowing that little you did meant a lot to someone else…? Share your experience with us. Others can learn about good deeds reading your stories, and be inspired. Maybe they will be encouraged to try to do similar things, or even something better.