Ten Ideas to Give Back During Holidays

by NDFAuthors

  • Dec 23, 2016

The end of year is a great time to “give back” and reach out to those in need.

This Christmas,  over 90 000 children are homeless in Britain and more than  2,400 people slept roughly last Autumn. This time of the year is not festive for all: many families don’t have the means to enjoy a feast and a greater number of elderly persons are spending the holidays alone. Although there is no specific time to help others, the end of year is traditionally a time when people “give back” and reach out to those in need.

Copyright: Photographee.eu

Copyright: Photographee.eu

Here Are 10 Ideas to Share the Love This Christmas:

1. Start at home

Show compassion with your family members, an elderly mother, a sick friend, or a lonely cousin. Make time for the ones you love, rejoice at being together and cherish these moments, particularly if they happen once a year.

2. Visit your local soup kitchen

Go to your community and help bring warm supper to those in need. You can even do this with the whole family to create a new bonding experience and to meet new friends.

3. Offer your help at a homeless shelter

Winter is obviously a rough time for the homeless. Many are ignored, but going to a shelter can bring them some joy and warmth for a few hours. It can also display new perspectives to children used to the comfort of their homes.

4. Make it personal

Customize your gifts; make your own Christmas cards, and be sure to make someone feel special at least once a year.  A bouquet of flower with a handwritten note, or a framed personal photograph will have a great impact, just as much as the latest tech gadget.

5. Volunteer

There are a number of non-profit organisations that always need more helping hands. Families all together can get involved to help children with disabilities, underprivileged families, or even lonely persons. Organisations in your local communities need volunteers, and not just during Christmas – you can keep it up all year.

6. Animal shelters

Other creatures that should not be forgotten are animals. If you love pets, why not buy cat or dog food and drop it off at your local shelter? During wintertime and holidays people tend to drop off stray animals for fear that they would not survive the cold. More animals means more care and more necessities needed.

7. Donate

Clothing, furniture, and household items that you may not want anymore could turn out to be a treasure for someone else, instead of ending up in the trash.

8. Bake

Cakes, cookies and other sweet treats will always be appreciated by your local homeless shelter, firemen, police, teachers and others who work to serve their community everyday.  Even better when they are brought in with a smile.

9. Random acts of kindness

Help a blind man cross the road, carry a woman’s suitcase in the stairs or even just smile and make conversation with a person at the bus stop. You don’t know what battles people are fighting so whenever you can, you should seize the occasion to seize the day and make someone feel better.

10. Spread the love

However you feel more comfortable giving back should be the way to do it. Have fun and do as you feel is right in your heart, whether by donating money, offering your time, or helping someone. Be creative, smile and enjoy this time with your loved ones.

So how will you do it? What are your ideas to give back? How do you spend your Christmas? Do you have any traditions or special ways to give back to your community?