Uživajte u prolećnim danima uz knjige sa naše martovske liste knjiga za roditelje

by NDFAuthors

  • мар 27, 2019

We continue with our monthly reading list for parents! On our journey to become the best versions of ourselves, one of the steps should be developing our parenting skills. Some of these books may enlighten  you and give you the answer to your parenthood dilemmas. So enjoy in these beautiful spring days, grab one of these books and get ready for the „AHA“ moment!

Did you have a chance to already read one of these books? Share with us how they helped you.

  1. Kid Confidence – Help Your Child Make Friends, Build Resilience, and Develop Real Self- Esteem – Eileen Kennedy Moore

Studies show that self-esteem, for many children, takes a sharp drop starting around age eight. This decline continues into the early teen years. Parents tend to glorify their children so they would help them gain more self-confidence.  

However, with this guide, you’ll learn that self-esteem isn’t about telling kids they’re „special“. It’s about helping them embrace freedom and a way of being in the world that isn’t preoccupied with self-judgment. When kids are less focused on evaluating and comparing themselves with others, they are freer to empathize with others and embrace learning. You’ll also discover how your child’s fundamental needs for connection, competence, and choice are essential for real self-esteem. When children are able to fulfill these three basic needs, the question of „Am I good enough?“ is less likely to come up.

  1.  The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (and Your Children Will Be Glad That You Did): How to Have Sane Children and Sort Your Own Problems Out Too – Philippa Perry

With straight-talking advice from renowned psychotherapist Philippa Perry, this book is useful for any parent looking to navigate their past and avoid repeating their own parents’ mistakes.This isn’t a book about training your child to have enviable manners, or how to get the much-idealized ‘perfect’ family. It’s about creating functional relationships with your children so that they grow up feeling secure and knowing who  they are and what they want.

  1. The Yes Brain: How to Cultivate Courage, Curiosity, and Resilience in Your Child – Daniel J. Siegel and   Tina Payne Bryson

When facing contentious issues such as screen time, food choices, and bedtime, children often act out or shut down, responding with reactivity instead of receptivity. The authors call this a No Brain response. But our kids can be taught to approach life with openness and curiosity. When kids work from a Yes Brain, they’re more willing to take chances and explore. They’re more curious and imaginative. They’re better at relationships and handling adversity. The authors give advice and activities to bring kids of all ages into the beneficial „yes“ state.

  1.      Raising humans in a digital world – Diana Graber and Michele Borba

 There are many online  potential threats which can tempt parents to snatch the smartphone or tablet right out of their children’s hands. While avoidance might eliminate the dangers, that approach also means your child misses out on technology’s many benefits and opportunities. This book shows how digital kids must learn to navigate this environment. The author talks about developing social-emotional skill, balancing virtual and real life, avoiding cyberbullies and online predators, protecting personal information and identifying and avoiding fake news and questionable content.

It’s packed with at-home discussion topics and enjoyable activities that any busy family can slip into their daily routine. This book is a great guide to raising digital kids who will become the positive and successful leaders our world desperately needs.

If you have other books you’ve read and would like to share, please let us know in the comments below! We will add them to our new list next  month.