I'm turning 32 and I want to dedicate my birthday to the children of Serbia

by NDFAuthors

  • мај 22, 2019

When I think about how I’d like to be remembered, I hope that people would care to think of me as „a tennis player who helped encourage belief and transform the world to be a better place.“

So many years ago, I was just a regular 6-year-old who only had a big dream and a relentless passion to see that dream come true. I was lucky enough to have a family who valued my dream and wanted to do anything to support it. I had friends who were with me every step of the way. I had an amazing coach and mentor in Jelena Gencic who nurtured both my mental strength and physical endurance. She continuously inspired me to be curious and embrace my love of learning.

Because of my strong foundation built early on, I was able to persist on my path to becoming World Number 1.

Do you know how many children in the world can say this for themselves?

– Very few.


This fact is why you’re reading this letter.

My passion and focus at NDF is to fight for each child in Serbia so they too can realize their wildest dreams. I truly believe this feat is possibleand possible in our lifetime.

A few years back, a wonderful girl named Malala said something that really stuck with me:

„One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.„

And I can’t agree more. Education can indeed change the world and through the work of my Novak Djokovic Foundation, that is exactly what we have set out to accomplish – create a better future, one child at a time.

Last year, we were bold and did something completely differentwe raised $31k in one short week via my 31st birthdaynot through a gala dinner or traditional fundraiser, but online through the power of social media!

The outwardly loving responses from people blew me away. Because of that fundraiser, we equipped and opened two new preschools and gave generations of children a new future. Trust me when I say their smiles were worth it!


Last year’s campaign is why I’ve asked my team to once again dedicate my birthday to the people and children of Serbia.

My goal is to raise symbolical $32k. This way, together we will aim to open 1 more preschool. Let’s do it!

Join your hearts with mine on this endeavor!

Thank you in advance, my friends!