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New Year’s Presents

For children in foster care.

The celebration of winter holidays is a time of joy and wonder, a time for family and belonging and love. For children in foster care, however, this time of year is also often a time of sadness, as it serves as a poignant reminder that things are not quite as they should be.

These children are in a period of transience: neither here nor there, neither lost nor found.

Although they are very lucky to be placed in foster care, and are undoubtedly very grateful for the care they are receiving, there is no true substitute for family, and for the permanence of home. These children deserve extra care and special amounts of love come the holiday season, to help bridge the gap between past sorrow and future hope.

For the past three years we have partnered with The Center for Foster Care and Adoption in Belgrade, Kragujevac, and Curpija to host a holiday celebration for children who are in the foster care system.

We plan workshops, organize games, play music and sing, and even welcome Santa Claus to spend time with the children.

We work with officials to find out a little bit about each child and assemble a large bag full of gifts tailored to their unique needs and personality.

The joy on each child’s face as they play, dance, and celebrate is beautiful and perfect; in these moments they remember that life is full of promise and possibility. Help us as we continue to plan holiday celebrations for children who need reminding, particularly during the holiday season, that dreams do come true.

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