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Relationships and Civilization

by , 18th Oct 2013

Relationships are the foundation of our civilization.

They foster the pillars of our societies and are therefore the mightiest entity of our lives. For this reason it is paramount that educators believe that the effects of the relationships they have with all students are everlasting and vital in creating a strong generation that is capable of leading us tomorrow.

Students don’t care what you know, until they know that you care.

This quote holds incredible truth and drives the point of the importance of the correlation of relationships and learning. I am a firm believer that any child can learn anything, given the right circumstances. When an environment of respect and encouragement is fostered it is from that ground that learning then takes place and children’s’ minds and worlds expand and grow with confidence.

The teacher as a role model in a child’s life holds the moral responsibilities to not only teach the necessary curriculum but also the necessary qualities of kindness, patience, respect and perseverance.

Relationships change lives. They make the difference between trying and not trying, believing and not believing, achieving and striving or giving up and quitting.

In the service of educating our youth one of the highest honors is earning a child’s trust. It is from that safe place that every child has the confidence and support to work harder, reach higher and dream larger.

An excerpt from Taylor Mali’s infamous poem “What Teachers Make” is a great example of the everlasting significant effect a teacher can have on their students.

I make them spell definitely beautiful definitely beautiful over and over again until they will never misspell either of those words again.

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  •' igor terzic says:

    Certainly the relationship we build with others a key that opens the door to a successful understanding of all that these relationships bring with them and what they let through them getting closer to each other in a way that certainly fits all .
    Children from an early age to educate and guide them to learn what are the real values ​​in life and how they are important for the establishment of the connection bridge to bring people with different views of the world but with the key advantages that so united strengthen everything that connects us with no regardless of the differences that we have to overcome in order to be part of the world an equal and civilized manner .
    Relationships that we build with one another must be characterized with tolerance and understanding of those basic human needs are met every day and regularly refreshing relationships with new friendships which sought to diminish razilke between us that can lead us away from each other and that ‘s why we became aware only after you consequences are so obvious to put aside everything that we need to make these relationships grow according to our ambition to make everyone look the same way that we use the equal rights of all of us so building a better and more equitable world that is sometimes allowed to cross the border divides us so that we strengthen the relationships we establish with each person you give our trust and hope that we can still be friends even when things are going the right direction and when the situation seriously worse than at first glance.
    We must teach our children to overcome differences that can be a stumbling block in our relationship where we cherish all the values ​​that we can come together even more and that it will be to the benefit of all , and not turn into a burden that we will not be able to carry on our back because we are unable to accept diversity as a sign that we are not all the same but have the same rights and obligations that make us each other , because that was always so it is now and will remain so in the future.

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