The Science of Character

by NDFAuthors

  • Mar 20, 2014

Can you learn to be braver? Can practice make you more persistent? Is it possible to cultivate your curiosity? Tune into a Character Day, March 20, 2014, to find out how to develop more positive human characteristics in our children.

Challenging the conventional belief that people are stuck with the character attributes they are born with, THE SCIENCE OF CHARACTER, a documentary film by Tiffany Shlain, reveals how it is possible for anyone to build up their core character strengths and use them to achieve greater personal, academic, and professional success and happiness.

Watch a film here:

Shlain says:

As a parent and a student of life, I found it very empowering to learn about all the scientific research that confirms that if we focus on the strengths we have, as well as on developing particular strengths we may not have, it has a lasting effect on our happiness and well-being and can ultimately lead to a more a just and caring world. By using humor, history, and research, we hope to inspire viewers everywhere to shape who they want to be and play a role in helping other people achieve their maximum potential.

the science of character

The film premiere will serve as the centerpiece of #CharacterDay, a 24-hour series of live events and online conversations highlighting the expanding catalog of scientific research proving that positive characteristics like self-control, optimism, and gratitude can be nurtured and developed.

In addition to free customized versions of the film, Let it Ripple and partners like Common Sense Media will offer a list of films, games, and apps to strength particular character strengths, a free Discussion Guide, a character strengths survey, and  resource guide. #CharacterDay will also feature online discussions led by experts in all time zones featuring leaders in education and character development.