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Drawing Benefits for a Child’s Future

by , 28th Oct 2013

Drawing and coloring is a great activity for children of all ages and quietly acts not only as a way to pass the time but also as an educational tool. As children flex their muscles of artistic expression, they’re also soaking up numerous educational and developmental benefits1. They include:

  • Developing motor skills: Drawing helps a child practice holding a writing tool, using hand-eye coordination and developing the muscles in their hands and fingers.
  • Developing patience and concentration: The world is a busy place and drawing and coloring allows the child to focus on an activity that needs to be completed. Children learn to stay engaged with the activity until it is done.
  • Allowing a child to relax: Drawing is therapeutic for a child and allows them to relax and put their emotions on a piece of paper.
  • Recognizing colors: Coloring introduces brightness and shades to a child, helping them recognize the differences between them.
  • Showing self expression: A blank piece of paper is a canvas for a child and allows them to express themselves through shapes and colors.2
  • Giving a sense of achievement: “Look what I did!” a child will say when they’re done. They completed an activity and feel proud of it their work.
  • Bonding time between parent and child: Sitting down to draw with your child is a great way to spend quality time with them and create a masterpiece together.

drawing_benefitsDrawing and coloring doesn’t mean a child needs a fancy coloring book with pre-set lines and numbers. The activity can be done with a blank piece of paper, an old newspaper or even a wall. If you have computer accessibility, there are also numerous web sites that have free resources, such as Crayola3 and NickJr4, with wide varieties of printable themes that all children will enjoy.

A colored pencil, crayon or marker and a blank piece of paper will go a long way for a child. Let them spend some time drawing and coloring. The activity will help them grow and will give you a piece of art to display proudly in your home.

Do your children draw? Are the walls of your house sometimes scrawled with drawings of giraffes, little flowers, clouds or sun? Do they prefer to paint with crayons or colored pencils? What are the favorite motifs that your kids love to draw?

Tell us, we’d love to hear about your experiences.



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  •' igor terzic says:

    Sigurno da crtanje i bojenje omogucuje deci da sve svoje mastarije prenesu na papir i time podsticu kreativnost koju mogu da upotrebe da budu zadovoljni onim sto naprave i time bitno uticu na razvoj svojih sposobnosti i vestina koje ce im svakako trebati kasnije u zivotu .
    Normalno je da dete zeli da crtanjem doprinese svom razvoju i napretku na jedan dobar i edukativan nacin jer crtanje nam omogucuje da se upustimo u jedan svet koji ima toliko toga da nam pruzi da nije bitno koja sredstva se koriste da bi napravili crtez koji zamisle u svojoj glavi .
    Crtanjem deca obogacuju svoj svet i cine da se i mi odrasli uz njih osecamo lepse i udobnije kada znamo da ce deca na pametan i dobar nacin sve svoje mastarije preneti na papir i na taj nacin uticati da njihov svet izgleda lepse i bolje bas onako kako ga oni zamisljaju i u njemu pronhalaze sve sto ih interesuje i zanima i tako na jedan pozitivan nacin pomazu svoj napredak i razvoj u odgovorne i pametne ljude .
    Decu treba usmeravati da crtaju ono sto vide u stvarnom zivotu i ono sto ih zanima jer time iskazuju svoju kreativnost na jedan krajnje efikasan nacin kojim mogu da budu zadovoljna onim sto rade i cime ispunjavaju svoje vreme na ono sto njima najvise odgovara .

  •' igor terzic says:

    Certainly drawing and coloring allows children to transfer all your fantasies on paper and thus encourage creativity that they can use to be satisfied with what you make , significantly influence the development of their abilities and skills that will definitely need later in life.
    It is normal for a child wants to contribute to the drawing of its development and progress , and a good educational method for drawing enables us to engage in a world that has so much to give us that no matter what tools are used to create drawings that imagine in their head.
    Drawing children enrich your world and make you and I grew up with them and feel more beautiful and more comfortable when we know that the smart kids and a good way to transfer all your fantasies on paper and thus to influence their world looks prettier and better just as it they imagine and it pronhalaze whatever interests them and care and so in a positive way, helping their progress and develop into responsible and smart people .
    Children should be directed to draw what they see in real life and what interests them as they display their creativity in an extremely efficient manner that can not be satisfied with what they are doing and thus fulfill their time on what best suits them .

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