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6 Reasons Why Preschool Is Good for Your Child

by , 17th Jan 2016

Learn why preschool is good for your child and what benefits it will get by being enrolled into quality preschool care.

When you think of preschool, what do you envision? Are you afraid that your child is still too small to be placed in a structured environment? Does it scare you how they might cope with the separation?

Well, don’t be. Preschool can only help your child.

Children gain a lot from going to preschool because they become exposed to numbers, letters, and shapes there. But, more importantly, they develop social and emotional skills and learn how to get along with other children, to share and to contribute.

Findings show that children who attend high-quality preschool enter schools with better pre-reading skills, richer vocabularies, and stronger basic math skills than those who do not.  So why not insist on preschool education when it can only help; when preschool is good for your child?

Know this: the 3-6-year olds are like little sponges at that age. They can take in so much; even more than you think. You as a parent should make use of this time to equip your little ones with the skills they need in their lives. Homeschooling your children at this age might give them a good academic head start (ONLY if you are educated in early childhood education to do so), but this type of schooling will fail to develop their social and emotional skills that are of an utmost importance for their future. And these skills get developed by child being around other children their age.

Here are 6 reasons why preschool is good for your child:

1. Preschool provides a foundation for learning, both socially and academically. 

Young children are naturally curious and observant. They want learn the skills that their families and society value — such as reading the instructions for assembling a toy, or selecting the correct bills or coins to pay for a purchase. To prepare children for the academic demands of school, teachers will offer a wide variety of games and activities that will help them acquire necessary academic but also social skills.

Copyright: Lordn

Copyright: Lordn

2. Preschool is an opportunity for kids to be in a structured setting.

Preschool is an opportunity for them to be in a structured setting with teachers and groups of children where they will learn to share and follow instructions, raise their hand when they want to ask a question, take turns, and share the teacher’s attention. Every child should have this sort of group experience before they start school.

Copyright: Fh Photo

Copyright: Fh Photo

3. Preschool will prepare children for elementary school where things get more academic.

Don’t be afraid that focus on development of pre-math and pre-literacy skills will make your child grow up too soon. These will not cut into important play time that every child deserves. A high-quality childhood education offers both. In fact, these programs are based on learning through play, so learning will be fun for your kid, have no doubt!



4. Preschool will help your child develop socially and emotionally.

In preschool, your children will learn how to compromise, be respectful towards others, and solve problems. Preschool will provide a place where your child will gain a sense of self, explore, play with their peers, and build confidence. Kids in preschool usually discover that they are capable and that they can do things for themselves instead of always asking mommy to step in. They will learn wonders – from small tasks like pouring their own juice and helping set snack tables, to tackling bigger issues like making decisions on how to spend their free time. Isn’t that a great step for them?

Copyright: Olesya Feketa

Copyright: Olesya Feketa

5. Preschool will help your children find answers to their numerous questions.

The fact is that 4 and 5-year-olds will start asking some wonderful questions about the world around them, like “what happens to the water after the rain? Do birds play?” Even you as a parent might become confused when trying to answer some of their questions, but the preschool will make your job easier. It will teach your children to find answers through exploration, experimentation, and conversation.

Copyright: amelaxa

Copyright: amelaxa

6. They will learn their ABCs and 123s.

Young children will learn letters and numbers in preschool, but at their own pace and through playing games. Preschool does not sit kids down and ‘teach’ them because that would be the wrong way to do it. Instead, they teach them through doing various kinds of activities your kids find interesting, like story-time, talking to the teachers about stars, playing with blocks, etc. For example, to help kids learn language and strengthen their pre-reading skills, teachers in preschool play rhyming games and let kids tell stories. To help kids learn pre-math skills, teachers will ask their little students to count food items during snack time, use calendar to count down days to their long awaited preschool play, or play memory games with them.

Copyright: Milosz_G

Copyright: Milosz_G

Keep in mind that for small children preschool is all about having fun and acquiring social skills – not achieving academic milestones. Kids need to be imaginative and to socialize because that’s what fosters creative and well-rounded people; it’s not about whether they can read by age 4 or multiply by 5, although they might.

And don’t forget: your child’s education does not stop once they come home from preschool. Oh, no! They will have bunch of stories to tell, and many questions to ask.

What you can do at home to further develop their social and emotional skills

  • When they are feeling down, sit down with your child and discuss the feelings and events that made them feel certain way: ask what happened over the course of their day and how they felt about what happened. Also, be sure to talk about future events: what they will do next and how they will act.
  • Brainstorm problem-solving strategies with your child. For example: you can read interactive books with them, such as Twiggle the Turtle, where turtle Twiggle goes inside his shell when he gets upset, takes a deep breath, and then says what bothers him and how it makes him feel. You can model this problem-solving strategy with your child too. Encourage your child to use these tricks too to gain self-control (by crossing their arms instead of hitting impulsively, taking a breath to calm themselves down, and then using words to describe how they feel instead of crying).
  • Practice the age-old advice: read, read, and read to your child, and have them read to you. Interactive reading is crucial to language development.

Does your child attend preschool? What are your experiences? And if not, after reading this text, would you re-consider sending him/her to preschool?


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  •' nathanhopper says:

    Preschool is a place where kids have all fun and at the same time they learn several new things. The environment for preschool is designed for teaching them and for development of their brain. .

  • I like that preschool gives kids ways of playing that are different from what they may get at home. For example – they may be playing with sand, something they don’t have access to at home. After all, to quote Fred Rogers – “Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”

  •' JulianneHarris says:

    Preschool gives that foundation to your children which prepares them for the future life, kids get to learn many things which as parents we cannot teach them such,I have a 2 yr old son and intiially even I was nervous as how will he adjust to the new surroundings at the preschool, but he managed really well and has become more socially active!

  • […] day. That’s because your child will come to love school and making friends, and you’ll see just how important early childhood education is to your son or daughter’s development — all that brilliance makes it easier to let go of the baby […]

  •' CambridgeMontessori says:

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    Only you can know what kind of preschool is right for your child. The good news is that many programs, such as the Montessori Method, offer research and evidence supporting their techniques. Some of the nation’s top researchers who’ve spent their careers studying early childhood education recently got together in Washington with one goal in mind: to cut through the fog of studies and the endless debates over the benefits of preschool.
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  •' Cameron Bennett says:

    I like that you mention that preschool helps prepare your child for a more academic and structured setting in elementary school. It’s good to compare different preschools when you’re looking for the right one for your child. The right one can make a big difference in helping prepare them for later in life.

  •' Persephone de Vito says:

    It truly appealed to me when you mentioned that by going to preschool, children will be able to get used to a more structured setting where they will get the chance to be with teachers and follow instructions. That’s actually quite important, especially since my husband is pretty strict, and he does not like the idea that he will be called to school because his child didn’t obey the teacher. We have a four-year-old son now, and I think it’s for the best that we take the kid to preschool. Thanks. I’ll talk to my hubby about this.

  •' Oscar O'Malley says:

    I really like that you mentioned that preschool allows children the opportunity to learn at their own pace. My wife and I are thinking about placing our daughter in preschool, and I think it would be really good for her. Thanks for the information–I’ll be sure to share it with my wife.

  •' Ridley Fitzgerald says:

    It sounds like my son needs to get to preschool. I like how you said that it can help him learn to follow instructions. That’s something he struggles with from me, so maybe school will help!

  •' Julius Wither Amberfield says:

    What I found most interesting was how you pointed out the preschool will allow children to be independent and learn to do things on their own instead of always asking their guardians. I guess that’s really important, especially since my parents and I were always away from home due to our jobs and other priorities. I think I have to teach my baby sister to learn to be independent, and what better way to do it than sending her to preschool. I’ll talk to our parents about this. Thank you.

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  •' Deb Pearl says:

    I’m glad you mentioned that preschool can help provide a place where my kids can give a sense of self, explore, and play with peers. It sounds like it would be a really good place for my kids to go before school. I will have to look around for a good preschool for them to go to. Thank you for the information!

  •' Juris Ainsworth says:

    It was really nice how you said that preschool provides the children the opportunity to learn that they can actually do something for themselves and not just ask their parents to intervene all the time. That is the reason why I will encourage my brother to take his young daughter to preschool right away. She’s already four years old, and yet there are things that she finds hard to do for herself. She needs to learn them now. Thanks for sharing!

  • […] There is increasing evidence which shows that a child obtains a lot from going in Preschool. Also, studies show that children who go to preschool tend to be more successful in life than those who do not. To encourage a parent like you to enroll your child in a preschool, we prepared these five different benefits your child will gain in preschool: […]

  •' Azra Nasir says:

    Great article, 100% agreed with you. Pre-schooling is a must in modern era. I personally have quite good experience with Nordic International School, each individual is properly attended by teacher and their staff. One of the best pre school in Pakistan.

  • […] Know this: the 3-6-year olds are like little sponges at that age. They can take in so much; even more than you think. You as a parent should make use of this time to equip your little ones with the skills they need in their lives. Read more here. […]

  •' ayushi says:

    Nice article.You can also explore Best preschool in Delhi . The teachers are compassionate and give a lot of attention to kids. The facility is also very well done taking care of all the factors considering the age group of children while visiting the play school.

  •' Brooke says:

    Wow, this article is impressively biased and provides absolutely no scientific evidence to back up its claims. Not one single study is cited to back up the author’s personal opinion. After wasting my time reading that, I still see no reason my child needs preschool. She is 2 1/2 and already knows her alphabet, her numbers, shapes, colors, etc. She is in numerous playgroups where she is able to work on social skills with peers of her own age. I suppose preschool would be preferable to daycare, but there is absolutely no reason for it with an involved stay-at-home parent. People, take responsibility for raising your own children.

  •' sangeeta says:

    I agreed pre school is good for our childs these days because they can develop their young mind in this age only. My kid use to go in a pre school in surat, where he is learning a lot as well as i can see him a little bit more confident in public.

  •' Sariah Meagle says:

    Seeing my kid develop socially and emotionally as you pointed out would make me proud but I know I can’t do this alone so I’ll take him to a child care center to get him started. Since you said that this will help him find answers to his numerous questions, he could finally quell his curiosity with harder questions that can be answered in formal education. Since professionals teach there, I do agree that he will learn his ABCs and 123s as you added which will make things fun for us both when he goes home if I enroll him to one.

  •' Bree Ward says:

    It’s true that children gain a lot in going to preschools and can learn different subject including shapes, letters, numbers, etc. Thanks for educating your readers about the benefits of sending your child to preschool. My sister’s daughter is 3 years old and very excited to go to school. I will advise my sister about its benefits so that she will be encouraged to send her daughter to preschool.

  •' Silas Knight says:

    I love the idea of preschool for my son. Like you said, it seems like a great place for him to discover what he’s capable of and make new friends. That would be huge for him because he’s kind of a mamma’s boy right now.

  •' Shivalik says:

    Nice post and thanks for sharing idea of preschool with us. I agreed these days because they can develop their young mind in this age only.

  •' Ayesha Jain says:

    Preschools also help in the five domains of a childs early development. See here

  •' Fekara says:

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  •' Savannah S Covington says:

    This article was very informative, BUT this article contained information that was more opinion based rather than facts. For example AND I QUOTE “Preschool does not sit kids down and ‘teach’ them because that would be the wrong way to do it.”

    This statement is centered around a play based childcare center. Yes children do learn through play, but if we are preparing them for Kindergarten then they must learn how to have sit down time, and they should be required to complete classwork as well.

  •' John Benjamin says:

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    Such an interesting blog. Child will definitely acquire physical and mental growth after his/her preschool.

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  •' Charlotte Fleet says:

    I like how you mention that preschool offers children the opportunity to acquire the necessary social and academic skills they will need to succeed in the future. My husband and I want to put our youngest two children into preschool this next year. I think we should find a preschool that can offer our children a good set of skills.

  •' Marky says:

    Thanks for sharing, I think this is the best for our kids i love preschool for kids.
    nice post keep sharing

  •' Clement Phinda says:

    thanks for sharing such brilliant and smart information, its beneficially to our kids indeed. keep sharing more please. thank you so much.

  •' Puspa Nein says:

    It is only outside the portals of home that a kid learns to explore life. Be it sharing with peers, waiting for their turn, or living a story with their teacher. So a preschool is very important for the kid to explore the love for learning and enjoy the journey of education.

  •' Sarmad Qazi says:

    One of the best blogs I have read in a while on Preschooling. I think schools should promote that and increase confidence of parents that preschooling is good for children’s mental and physical health.

  •' Shiv Ashish School says:

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    Thanks for sharing such good information this will be helpful to us.
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  •' little minds says:

    Thank you for this great information.

  •' Henry Killingsworth says:

    I like how you talked about how preschool gives children an opportunity to be in groups of other children and learn how to be in a structured setting. My twins have their birthdays in a couple of months and they will be turning the age where they would start preschool. Sending my kids to preschool seems like a good idea because it will help them get used to learning things from a teacher that isn’t their parents.

  •' Local Child Care Marketing says:

    Thank you for this information. These are good reasons for our child to enroll in preschool.

  •' Pushpa says:

    Very nice, Thank you for sharing such an interesting and educational post with us. For the next generation of children, early childhood education is critical. This is something that all parents should be aware of. One thing I want to add-on, please describe it with bullet points so that fellow people easily get the overview. Thanks and God Bless!!

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  •' Navneet Singh says:

    Mesmerized article written on this blog with other relevant information. It is straight to the point that how we can improve our skills as well as how we can be represented to a new stream of professionalism.

  •' Jeff Carbine says:

    Thanks for pointing out that preschool is an opportunity for kids to be in a structured setting I will consider this for sure since I want to find a child care center for my 3-year old son. He is too playful, and it is important for me to ensure that he would be given enough attention while I am away. Thanks for sharing this.

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