5 Apps to Get Your Children Engaged With Science

by NDFAuthors

  • Nov 07, 2017

As regards getting your child excited about science, the screen can be a great ally. This way, a good app may encourage your child’s interests by introducing him or her to universes never even imagined.

In the world we live in nowadays, it is undeniably true that science and technology are becoming the main boosters of society in all its spectrums: our sociability, health, work, education etc. Children are the citizens of tomorrow, and if you want to raise your own according to new standards each time more required, you’d better align science and technology to their education.

Therefore, we’ve gathered here 5 science apps greatly appropriate for the children’s taste while learning new interesting things.

Toca Nature introduces kids of all ages to the genesis of life and the whole ecosystem by allowing them to design a natural landscape by planting trees, digging lakes, and pushing up mountain ranges; and then, when conditions are right, animals appear and your child can feed them plants and fish from the different environments she’s created.

What other better way to instigate your child’s curiosity for science than by introducing them to the universe’s whole infinitude and richness? Starmap allows your child to basically identify stars and planets by simply holding your device up to the stars for a labeled map of what you’re seeing. It’s never been that simple to find and identify every constellation visible in the night sky.

Incredible as it may seem, the weather is a rich thing from nature, for it varies very much depending on a lot of factors. Where does rainwater come from? How are tornados formed? These are all interesting doubts your kid might have while playing this game which lets them control the weather. By that, your child will learn about the water cycle and see what happens to a glass of water when he drops the temperature below freezing.

A not so common aspect from NASA, yet very useful, is that the space agency holds a huge collection of apps so that kids can have a glimpse into the astronomers’ missions and navigate the treasure trove of scientific data they’ve collected over the years. NASA free app can be an excellent tool for your child to explore the agency’s space missions, learn about other worlds, and see our own amazing planet from space.

By enabling your child to conjure up habitat, nests, food requirements, and even natural predators for the unusual animals she creates, Plum’s Creaturizer, apart from sending kids outdoors in order to photograph their creatures surrounded by nature, encourages your child to use her imagination.