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Lesson We learn from the Finnish Parents

It seems that the offer of things for babies has never been better, but what about parents who simply can’t afford…

Five Books You Should Read on Effective Parenting

The issues children encounter may take a new shape that their parents did not face during their own childhood, so…

How to Teach Your Child Math

To teach your child math, you don’t need special knowledge of the subject. Just read these valuable tips to get…

The importance of limiting screen time for your toddler

We’ve grown so used to having our devices in reach that when the time comes to put them down we…

Playing is Important

Milica Stojanovic, psychologist at Preschool Institution “Kaja” in Ljig, speaks about the importance of playing and its stages during child…

Teenagers – Rebels with a Cause

Being a teenager is tough these days, and being a parent of the teenager is a hard and stressful “job”.

What Qualities Do Parents Value Based on Their Education?

Pursuing a four-year college degree following high school may not be the right move for every child, but the overwhelming…

Outsourced parenting

 Should you pay someone else to raise your child?

Parenting Tips: Back to School After Several Years of Being a Fulltime Mom

How to go back to the workforce after several years of being a fulltime mom?

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