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Why Do Kids Lie? Empowering the Clueless Parents of a Lying Kid

 Kids aren’t born with a moral code; you have to ingrain it in them. How?

Managing Your Own Emotions: The Key to Positive, Effective Parenting

When parents have the ability to regulate their own emotions in situations of anger, children can learn to calm themselves….

How to Encourage Confidence in Kids?

Children develop self-confidence by realizing their own achievements and by hearing words of praise from their parents for specific efforts….

Serve and Return Program

During our earliest years social interactions are most crucial. When a child cries, whines, babbles, or gestures, parents and other…

1st of June: Global Day of Parents

The family is the cornerstone of each and every society society. It is our stronghold,  the place where we learn…

Forest Schools: A Philosophy of Child-Led Learning

Playing in the mud, making daisy chains and climbing trees are simple pleasures that have defined childhood for generations. But…

Paternity Leave – What Are the Options for Dads?

Paternity leave is very important, however, unlike maternity leave, it is not as well studied with most expectant fathers unaware…

Why Some Kids Bounce Back from Challenges and Others Don’t

Here is an amazing infographic from the blog Stress Better on Psych Central. It describes why some kids are able…

Why Childhood Education is Important [Infographic]

The Why Childhood Education Is Important Infographic explores how future success in life can often be predetermined by the quality…

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