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Education System of Cuba – Path to Success

All children are guaranteed schooling, it’s free, there’s no indiscipline, kids never miss classes… These are just some of the…

Steve Jobs Schools: Swapping Books for iPads

22 “Steve Jobs Schools” in Netherlands have shunned textbooks and only use Ipads for children’s teaching and learning.

How to Help Your Child Develop Executive Function Skills?

Children aren’t born with Executive function skills — they are born with the potential to develop them. By following the…

5 TIPS that Can Help Your Child Learn Better

Read our tips about practical activities that can help your child excel intellectually from an early age.

Khan Academy – The Revolution in Education

Khan Academy has a simple mission: a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

The Role of Technology in Education

Creating a curriculum that appreciates the power of technology in education can serve to increase engagement in the classroom and…

Creativity in the Classroom

Do modern educational systems inhibit freedom of expression and creativity?

What Qualities Do Parents Value Based on Their Education?

Pursuing a four-year college degree following high school may not be the right move for every child, but the overwhelming…

Chess: More than Just a Game

Thinking back to my introduction to the game of chess takes me back to a wet and blustery day and…

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