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children’s rights

Sharenting – A Challenge of Digital Parenting

As you are reading this text, you are probably in front of a screen of a digital device with access…

Are children’s rights protected in a virtual environment?

Ask children what are their rights and you will probably get very creative answers. Children love to play with words,…

Let’s Respect Children’s Rights

We adults must respect the children and their rights. They are our future and it is our duty to ensure…

Freedom to Move

The Freedom to Move is the Baby’s Birthright.

Street children deserve a chance to dream

They deserve a way out of ‘Home Street Home’

Children with HIV

Shari Williams is 13. Unlike his peers, every time he spends a night at his friend’s house, he has to…

The Potentially Destructive Power of Words

Your mouth is a revolver firing bullets in the sky …………… This world is getting colder. Strangers passing by No…

Child Neglect

I’ve continued my exploration on issues plaguing the children of our world that may not be obvious at first sight….

Teachers Are Keys to Reaching Education Goals

“Teachers are keys to reaching education goals for all children, especially the poor and vulnerable”. This is one of the…

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