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children with disabilities

Special Needs Children and Trends in Education

Special education has changed quite a lot in the past few years. Here are some of the most recent trends…

Inclusive Sport: Achievement, Empowerment, Progress

The establishment of the Children’s Paralympic Committee in Azerbaijan and ‘It’s About Ability’ UNICEF Campaign in Montenegro are illustrations of…

Verbal Bullying in Schools

I’m sure each of you remember some of the friends from school who were mocked and exposed to name-calling, just…

Down Syndrome

Everybody is different, but, at the same time, we are equal, and we have something more or something less than…

Learning disabilities

In the first years of school, parents and teachers have to lay the foundations of children’s future.

A child with special needs and kindergarten

Not every kindergarten has specially trained teachers to work with children with disabilities, and that might be a problem. Another…

Sensory integration and therapy in sensory room

What is sensory room and how is it used in schools for children with disabilities?

Physical activity for children with disabilities

Physical activity and sports are of great importance for proper growth and development of children. 

Preschool Inclusion Means A Way To Dream

Many people associate autism with the famous movie “Rain Man” featuring the fabulous Dustin Hoffman. Only few people though really…

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