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Tesla 4 Kids

Celebrating the life of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla is a prominent figure in Serbian history, his legacy a source of great pride. To commemorate the 160th anniversary of his birth, the NDF is partnering EIC TESLIANUM (the Energy and Innovation Center) and the Children’s Cultural Center of Belgrade to host a series of workshops that will introduce children between five and seven years of age to the concept of reason and the subject of science in engaging and interesting ways.

The Playful Workshop Tesla Geniusis set to be held at the Children’s Cultural Center in Belgrade.

Over the course of ten months, over 2,000 children will benefit from one of a series of 35 workshops where children will learn, experiment, play, and develop new skills. The Children’s Cultural Center of Belgrade will be working with ten organizations to guarantee that children from diverse backgrounds will be able to attend.

We are excited for a new generation of children to participate in the rich history of Serbian thought and academic excellence.

Who knows what these kids will be able to achieve in their lifetime? Because of programs like the Playful Workshop Tesla Genius series, children will be given the begining skills and will take the initial steps towards unlocking their own limitless potential.

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