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Schools of Life Teacher Trainings

Well-trained and supported teachers are essential to the success of a school.

We at the NDF appreciate and are grateful beyond words for the kind, intelligent, and caring staff that works each day to help educate and nurture the future citizens and leaders of our world.

Our Approach

When we invest in the refurbishment or construction of a school, we know it is equally important to invest in the teachers who will run them. Our schools are a permanent promise to a community that their children will always have a place to learn and play, so the NDF continues to work with teachers, holding seminars that aim to educate and empower them. We connect staff to prominent leaders in the field of education and give them high-quality academic literature geared towards enhancing their teaching methods as well as advancing their own careers as educators.

So far…

17 Schools of Life seminars have helped 209 of teachers grow, thrive, connect, and engage.

We think teachers deserve the best. We think that they are pretty amazing. Help us support them as they continue to help our children  succeed.

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