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Renovation of the Kindergarten “Leptiric”

We want all children to thrive, to succeed at school and in life.

Renovation of the Kindergarten “Leptiric”

The kindergarten “Leptiric”, one of three kindergartens within the preschool facility “8. Septembar”, is attended by 109 children. And a year ago, it was in very bad shape.

The roof was built from asbestos sheeting- the kind to be found in out-buildings and warehouses, the kind that poses a significant health risk. There weren’t any bathrooms for the children. They weren’t any toys or sufficient furniture for the students. “Leptiric” was desperate for help.

Nevertheless, those 109 students loved their school. They were proud of being able to go to school. But we think they deserved better, and so did the municipality of Dimitrovgrad. Town officials decided to invest 93,000EUR into the complete renovation of “Leptiric”.

The remodel was complete: modern roofing, new flooring, fresh window coverings and paint, brand-new bathrooms; no corner was left untouched. Unfortunately and understandably, the budget wasn’t able to cover the cost of furnishing the school.

Learn, Play and Dream

The NDF used 22,000EUR for the purchase of new furniture, educational toys, and teaching materials for the children and teachers to use and enjoy.

Now, “Leptiric” is a modern, cheerful school, both inside and out, a place where students both today and tomorrow will come to learn, play, and dream.

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