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Renovation of the Kindergarten “BUBAMARA”

We want all children to thrive, to succeed at school and in life.

“Bubamara” (Ladybird), a kindergarten within the “Happy Childhood” Preschool institution in Novi Sad, is unique for its educational work with Roma children and their families.

Their work is incredibly valuable; if Roma children are included in the school system, they would have a better chance of integration into society, where they can receive the best available educational, social, and medical benefits.

This is such a worthy little school, but “Bubamara” hasn’t been refurbished since its construction in 1976. The NDF, in partnership with Bank Intesa, will provide 16,000 EUR for the renovation of the school’s play-yard and gymnasium.

We know that when children are allowed to play and are given ample time to enjoy the outdoors, their performance at school improves. When the facilities they have access to are first-rate and engaging, children have one more reason to look forward to school. And when a child enjoys school and a parent can see their little one thriving, that child has an even greater chance of returning and continuing with their primary education.

Thrive and Succeed

We want all children to thrive, to succeed at school and in life. We want to give them every possible reason to attend so that they can flourish and grow into productive, active members of society.

To give these children an incredible place to play and learn, we are going to renovate the school’s gymnasium with new floors, paint, and equipment, as well as revitalize the school’s yard with fresh landscaping and structures.

We can’t wait to see the children at “Bubamara” revel in the simple joy of play. Do you remember what that felt like? We do. It felt like anything was possible. And for these kids,thanks to schools like “Bubamara”, anything is.

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