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Original – Contemporary Magazine for Students

In partnership with „Nedeljnik“, the leading Serbian weekly newsmagazine

We believe education holds the key to a successful future!

Education is every child’s right, regardless of their age and cultural background. Education will provide them with the tools they need to develop their full potential and become leaders in their professions and communities. For this reason, the Novak Djokovic Foundation launched the “Original” magazine in September 2015, one-of-a-kind monthly glossy magazine for young people in Serbia.

This project supports our vision of universal
access to quality education

The magazine promotes values and character traits of a young man living in the modern world: he fights for his better future and fosters patriotic feelings towards his country and a sense of social responsibility. He is also proactive, not waiting for the opportunities to arise but rather making his own. Education is all around us. We just need to embrace a lifelong learning culture.

The “Original” magazine has been launched with the aim to get the students more engaged and interested in culture, education, arts, sports and science. In addition, this monthly magazine is designed to provide useful guidelines for students to improve their academic performance and ways to tackle their future business challenges.


Circulation of the magazine is 24,000 copies. On the first Thursday of every month, the magazine is published and sold on newsstands together with the weekly newsmagazine “Nedeljnik” (joint pack) and after a week of joint sales, since Nedeljnik is published once a week, the Original is sold separately. Previous edition of the magazine in pdf format is published on the website on the 25th of each month.

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