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In May of 2014, Serbia was hit by a low-pressure cyclone that resulted in the heaviest rainfall Serbia had seen in over one-hundred years. The area suffered from massive, unprecedented flooding that overnight devastated the country and rendered hundreds of thousands of victims homeless.

Entire cities were left destroyed, thousands of acres of agricultural lands and livestock were decimated and important buildings, roadways, and areas of commerce were left in utter ruin.

After less than a week of flooding, over 1.6 million people were affected, left vulnerable and dispossessed. The EU, in conjunction with World Bank Group and UN officials, estimated the damage at over 1 billion Euros. This natural disaster completely transformed life in Serbia in a heartbeat.

Our Response

In keeping with our mission to provide an education for preschool-aged children, the NDF has primarily been working towards rebuilding schools for Serbia’s youngest citizens.

We strongly believe that even in times of crisis, perhaps especially in times of crisis, children need the consistency and safety of a school environment so that their lives and futures are not even further jeopardized.

The children in the areas most affected by the flooding have already lost so much; we could not allow them to lose their dreams as well.

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