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Donation of teaching materials & interactive board

(in cooperation with Canadian Embassy Choir)

All children have the potential to do incredible things, exceed expectations, and change the world in positive ways. This holds true for children with special needs as well, but often these children don’t receive the special amounts of care and attention they need to thrive.

May 2015

In May of 2015, we were proud to partner with the Canadian Embassy Choir in Belgrade to work with “Smeh i Suza”, a school in Aleksinac for children with unique needs and abilities. We identified two major needs of the school:

an interactive whiteboard that combines a computer, a projector, and an interactive screen for students to use, learn from, and express their creativity with, and…

a digital logopedic device – an amazing piece of technology that is used for hearing and speech rehabilitation for children with language and speech delays or disorders.

Together with the Canadian Embassy Choir, the NDF invested 3,700 EUR in the purchase of these pieces of equipment for “Smeh i Suza”, where 60 children are now using and enjoying them on a daily basis.

Doing great things for others feels amazing. Help us as we continue to improve the lives of children everywhere!

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