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Work in progress on PU Galeb

by , Posted on 8th Jul 2014

The works on damage repair of the preschool institution “Galeb” are under way.

The Foundation has provided wall drying equipment which will significantly ease the works, because the walls are being dried out much faster and other works can start. Only two more rooms are left to be dried out.

There were a couple of inner walls that had to be torn down because they were greatly damaged by the floods that struck the kindergarten. All the works on the disassembly and demolition of the walls have been completed. The team who is executing the works has already disassembled the radiators and changed all the valves. The radiators will be refitted after they get repainted.

Since the water had reached the height of 1,5 meters, all the walls had to be scraped up to that height, and in some spots even to its full height. After the scraping, four layers of construction glue and PVC nets were applied to the walls.

The construction of the new plasterboard walls with inserted mineral wool as thermal and sound insulation has also been completed. New custom made doors that fit all existing door openings for all rooms on the first floor have been delivered to the site.

A couple of days ago, works on the smooth plastering of the walls and ceilings in all the classrooms and in the main hallway began as well.

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