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The Second ‘’Schools of Life’’ Seminar in Vladičin Han

by , Posted on 14th Oct 2014

The second ‘’Schools of Life’’ seminar “Step by step – good practice in teaching and learning for quality education” held in Vladičin Han.

NDF continues to help and support professional development of teachers within “Schools of Life” project. From 3rd to 5th of October, we hosted anotherseminar “Step by step – good practice in teaching and learning for quality education” in the preschool institution “Pčelica” in Vladičin Han. It’s worth mentioning that this teacher training program has been officially accredited (reference number 390) and published in the Catalogue of programs for continuous professional development of teachers, educators, professional associates and principals for the school year 2014/2015. Furthermore, we were happy that 26 teachers, one associate expert and one teaching assistant participated in the seminar – all of them having from 3 to 35 years of professional work experience.

The main goal of the training program was to help educators improve their child-centred teaching methods; the seminar reflected on the importance of good cooperation between teachers and children, best achieved by establishing and maintaining rules and routines in the classroom. It also provided guidelines on how to create an encouraging learning environment, how to master group work skills and individual approach in teaching. We also discussed the effects of professional attitude of educators on their teaching, as well as their role in children’s education. The participants learned how portfolios can be used as a tool for tracking children’s progress, they found out more about developing a learning plan and how to encourage family involvement in the early childhood education program.


Different training methods and techniques were used in the seminar – mini-lectures, educational films, pair and group work, presentations, discussions and simulations, as well as various other activities. We tried to create a positive atmosphere among them and help them be proactive.

The seminar was highly rated by the participants, with average mark 3.98 out of max 4. Additionally, materials such as CDs with seminar topics and an overview of the principles of Quality Pedagogy “Competent Educators of the 21st Century” were provided for all the participants.

The seminar was delivered by CIP-Center for Interactive Pedagogy and NDF partnered the project “Schools of Life – Together for Childhood”. The trainers were Slađana Golubović, psychologist at primary school “Sreten Mladenović Mika” in Niš and Svetlana Radosavljević, educator at the preschool institution “Naše dete” in Vranje.

In addition to this seminar, works on the reconstruction of another “School of Life” facility are in progress. Children in the village Lepenica, near Vladičin Han, are looking forward to the moment when they will be able to learn, play and discover new things together with their friends in their new School of Life. Within the Social Centre in this village, one classroom will be renovated for children aged from 3 to 5 that are going to attend four hours of daily education program there.


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