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The Schools Of Life Seminar Was Held in Ljig

by , Posted on 11th Sep 2014

The Schools of Life seminar “Support for the development of critical thinking at an early age” was held in Ljig.

The goal of the Schools of Life seminar held in Ljig at the end of August, was to provide teachers with methods and techniques on how to develop children’s critical thinking.

Our dear friends from Preschool institution “Kaja” from Ljig, Serbia, started this school year off right! They organized the training course “Support for the development of critical thinking at an early age” on August 30-31, 2014. Fifteen teachers, five nurses, a headmistress, a psychologist at PI “Kaja”, as well as the representatives from elementary school “Sava Kerkovic” attended the seminar. It was just one of the activities in the project “Schools of Life – Together for childhood”, which Novak Djokovic Foundation realizes in partnership with CIP – Center for Interactive pedagogy, the implementing partner of this project.


The overall objective of the seminar was mastering the interactive approach in the process of the development of critical thinking through problem solving, improvement of ideas, symbolic representation and decision making. Emphasis was on the importance of supporting children during their experiential learning, on exploration and different ways of presenting their knowledge. The improvement of the dialog teacher-child in the learning process was also important part of the seminar.

A very mixed group of people attended the seminar, and therefore it was the perfect opportunity for them to share experiences and inspiration. In the same time, they were able to find out some new ways how to handle issues they were discussing. Teachers traded a lot of ideas, and different types of teaching, approaching to children. They actively used what they’d learned to make activity plans, using new teaching techniques. It should make the implementation of the program in everyday practice much easier.


Big thanks to the authors of the training course program, mr Milica Cebic from the Faculty of Teacher Education and dr Zivka Krnjaja from the Faculty of Philosophy.

The last, but not the least, the average rating for this seminar (rated by the participants) is 3.83 (out of 4). Just to mention some of the comments:

“The seminar offered some great and attractive techniques for working with children.”

“Interesting, new, very useful, inspiring…”

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