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The School of Life Seminar in Kraljevo

by , Posted on 26th Jun 2014

The goal of the School of Life Seminar Start at the beginning, the beginning is importantis to equip teachers with important and necessary knowledge and skills to help children grow up and develop into productive, caring citizens of the world.

The first of three accredited seminars planned within the project “Schools of Life –Together for childhood”took place at preschool institution “Olga Jovicic Rita”in Kraljevo. The training module “Start at the beginning, beginning is important”was approved by the Institute for Advancement of Upbringing and Education, reference number 607. It was originally scheduled for May 15th–17th 2014, but due to the floods in Serbia and inability of all participants to attend, it was cut short with only first day of training conducted. The rest of the seminar was postponed and successfully executed on June 6th and 7th.

The seminar was designed to connect the comprehending of early childhood development with modern practice of preschool upbringing and education. In that sense the content of training aims to stimulate practitioners in mutual exchange of experiences and good praxis, giving them opportunity to think of the way how to improve practice, or how to use existing capacities to make preschool education more accessible to a greater number of kids and their families. The respect of differences and inclusion of parents as active participants in educational process was specially pointed out.

The seminar in general was evaluated with an average grade of 3,82 (out of maximal 4). The participants have particularly highly valued the usefulness of the contents regarding the pleading for importance of programs focused on support for growth and development of children in early childhood.

Seminar presenters were Olga Lakicevic, project coordinator from CIP – Center for Interactive Pedagogy, who is the implementation partner in the project and Marina Stanojevic, professional associate of the preschool institution “Nasa Radost”, Smederevo.

At the same time the seminar was being held, the adaptation works on object in Sirca village, municipality of Kraljevo, were progressing as well. In the past period the works on the porch and the ramp have been completed, together with the exterior insulation of the building, inner walls, distribution of plumbing and heating installations. In the upcoming period, the execution of the final works on the facade, floor insulation and the equipping of kindergarten’s interior are expected.

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  •' Igor Terzic says:

    These and similar actions that are aimed at children in spite of what happened here in Serbia, ensure free and unfettered education, only part of the way to fight against what is happening to us, and which supports children and their further progress to grow more beautiful and better in terms of something that they can also enable.
    This is an example for all of us to see how and in what way we ordinary people we can help the children feel the least disastrous consequences of what we lived and what should not stop us in that we give our children the chance and the opportunity to grow up in a better setting, a happier environment than we had we, them something and we can provide to our commitment to their make life richer for those experiences that will help them be part of their growing up is marked by the beautiful memories that will be able to carry in my heart always and the rest of his life, and to pass on their children.
    These and similar activities are part of our commitment to the youngest that we have to constantly water them with hope and attention that can achieve much more than we are able to do in my life, and that gives them the motivation to work more and more on their training and the progress of our elderly, because it is a sign that we as a society on the right track when taking care of our children do not leave the fate, but things into their own hands and turning the direction of developments as it suits us all and thus we participate in building the future for those who do such things and deserve, because we all entertain your little tiny joy and happiness with which we are committed to do everything in our power that they live through their childhood with less ugly feelings and memories that they then will not spoil life in so much so that they will not be able to achieve all they imagined and wished, because we are here as a support and a guarantee that they turn their dreams into reality.

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