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The Joy of Sand Play in the School of Life in Biljanovac

by , Posted on 30th Jul 2014

Children from the School of life in Biljanovac enjoyed creative sand play and a daylong fun together with their parents and teachers.

Playing is a natural and very important activity for a child, because it teaches him or her how to be spontaneous and gives him or her the freedom of expression and the feeling of satisfaction. Playing as such has a great influence on the emotional and physical development of kids and their learning. Educators in the Schools of life find new ways to direct kids’ attention and motivate them to learn and develop through games in a peer group every day.

Boys and girls from the School of life in Biljanovac have eagerly awaited sunny days so they could spend time playing with their friends in the schoolyard. Their educator, Marina, wanted to create a new place for playing in the schoolyard.  Together with the parents they managed to build a sand box in the schoolyard which made children aged 3 to 5,5 overwhelmed with joy. Playing is a special and basic way of learning for the preschoolers.

Playing, laughter, noise – those are the words that most precisely describe the first day of sand play in the School of life. The kids expressed their creativity and wanted to make the sculptures in different shapes. As soon as their sand sculptures dried, their masterpieces became only irregular piles of sand. The kids would than laugh and tried again to please their imagination and create new forms. They all tried to make the most beautiful sculpture or to draw a flower, or a tree or an animal in the sand.

The time passed quickly and so the moment came for the kids to go home with their parents. They left their creative nook with sad faces and eagerly awaited to return the next day to continue their sand play.


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