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The First Visit to the Preschool Institution “Decija radost” in Svilajnac

by , Posted on 1st Jul 2014

Novak Djokovic Foundation paid a visit to the preschool institution “Decija radost” in Svilajnac, which was heavily damaged by the floods.

On Wednesday, June 11th 2014, the Novak Djokovic Foundation — after Petrovac on the Mlava — visited the next preschool institution in municipalities which suffered damage due to flooding. It was the preschool institution “Decija radost” in Svilajnac, the only establishment of its kind in this municipality.

According to the preliminary damage assessment, about 85% of Svilajnac was struck by flooding — mostly residential objects. The President of the Municipality confirms that the damage amounts to more than one and a half billion dinars, e.g. 13 million Euros.

The preschool “Decija radost” suffered more damage than any other public establishment. This institution, frequented by between 420 and 450 children, consisted of three structures and a total area of 2630 square meters. The water stayed in the kindergarten buildings for a whole week and reached the height of 1.5 meters. After the water withdrew, everything that had left in the building was destroyed.The municipality estimates that the total damage on this preschool amounts to around 700.000 Euros.

The municipality of Svilajnac will in cooperation with the B92 Fund begin the reconstruction of the main structure, and about 100.000 Euros have already been collected. The central building that is both the oldest and the biggest; it was built between 1978 and 1979. This building is damaged to a greater extent than the others, so its renovation is deemed a reconstructive rather than sanitation project. The kitchen and the room for the central-heating boiler are located in the central building, and they have to be completely rebuilt, which further increases the amount of funds needed for the renovation of the kindergarten.

Having in mind the cooperation between B92 Found and preschool institution “Decija radost,” the Novak Djokovic Foundation has assumed the responsibility of repairing the damage on the remaining two buildings. On these two structures, the greatest damage was suffered by the outer windows, which have to be completely replaced along with the floors and walls, which measure up to a height of 1.5 meters. The furniture, toys, and other inventory items have been destroyed, and the kindergarten where children played only a month ago is now completely empty and deserted.

After the visit, the Foundation began preparing documentation and budget calculations for the sanation of the two remaining buildings of the kindergarten in Svilajnac. After the documentation is prepared, our team will, in cooperation with the municipality, make the first steps towards the restoration of the kindergarten to be enjoyed by the children of the region.

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