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The first visit to the central kindergarten “Veseljko” in Obrenovac

by , Posted on 4th Jul 2014

Novak Djokovic Foundation visited the central kindergarten “Veseljko” in Obrenovac in mid-June to determine the damage incurred during the flooding and to determine the possibilities to provide help in reconstruction of this object.

After the visits paid to the preschool institutions in Petrovac on the Mlava and Svilajnac, Novak Djokovic Foundation visited the central kindergarten “Veseljko” which is a part of the preschool institution “Perka Vicentijevic” in Obrenovac on June 17th 2014.

One month after the unprecedented floods struck Obrenovac, the consequences may be seen everywhere. The town that suffered the damage which remains to be determined is still far away from normal everyday life. This natural disaster was unfortunately not the first to strike Obrenovac. Since it was built close to the river banks of the Kolubara, Sava and Tamnava rivers, great floods struck this area in 1930s and 1980s and had mostly destroyed the arable land.

The central kindergarten “Veseljko” is one of five damaged Preschool buildings in this town, which after 11 days under water suffered the greatest consequences. The object is positioned below the level of the main road so the water level in the kindergarten reached up to 1,7m. After the preliminary damage estimation, the kindergarten frequented by over 230 children and of total area of 1418m2 requires the complete reconstruction.

Kindergarten “Veseljko,” which is at the same time the biggest within preschool institution “Perka Vicentijevic” was left without rooms that can be used for the work with children, and lost complete furniture and supporting equipment. The major problem in the reconstruction is the greatly damaged central kitchen which supplies all other kindergartens within this preschool institution and requires a separate technological design. The walls in this object are still not completely dry, the inner and outer windows are destroyed, and the inner rooms had still not underwent the necessary process of complete cleaning and disinfection.

The Foundation has begun with the preparation for the calculation of the building reconstruction after the visit. After the current condition is estimated, the Foundation team will in cooperation with the Municipality plan the next steps in order to create conditions for the habitation of the children in the kindergarten.

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