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Sport is a universal language: April 6th, International day of sport for the development and peace

by , Posted on 6th Apr 2014

It is important to start on time, to seize the moment,
to learn to be patient and overcome the obstacles.

When we do what we love, we find the strength to fight for our dreams.
We learn to cross our own limits, to win, to respect rivals. Those are lessons for a lifetime.

Don’t be afraid whether you’ll jump high enough. Just believe in your dreams,
let go and plunge into them.

In those dreams we are never alone, we always need to think about others,
because the success is what we share, and what makes us all proud.

Sport is a vast playroom where we all belong,
where everyone should get the chance to show what they know.

Believe, and become an athlete
Celebrate, and become a winner

Fill your time with good things, choose sports.

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