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Seminar “Neither black, nor white

by , Posted on 31st Jan 2014

A seminar called “Neither black, nor white – a program for working with children / young people against prejudice, for tolerance and intercultural relations” was held in preschool institution “Cvetic” in Knic, on January 24-26, 2014 (accredited seminar of the CIP – Centre for Interactive Pedagogy, catalog number 66). knic-ni-crno-ni-beloThe seminar was attended by 32 participants: 17 from PI “Cvetic” (director, 13 educators and 3 med. nurses) and 15 teachers from primary schools “Sveti Sava”, “Vuk Karadzic” and “Rada Subakic”.

The program aims to empower professionals to recognize the educational needs of children from minority and marginalized families, to create strategies aimed at overcoming prejudice, development of tolerance and appreciation of diversity, and also to create safe settings with an atmosphere of equality and mutual respect.

In addition to technical material, which follows the seminar content, the training participants received a small collection of games (IRI – games in the hole) and a set of workshops which they can apply in everyday work with children.

According to the seminar leaders, the special quality of these trainings is the interest of educators and teachers to understand the concept of social justice, commitment and active attitude in the process of integrating theoretical knowledge with practice.

The quality of seminar was highly rated, 3.96 (out of max. 4). Here are some comments from participants:

The seminar was informative, fun and interesting.
Well organized, instructive and applicable in practice.
It was very interesting and active!
The seminar was very educational!

The seminar trainers were Olga Lakicevic (program coordinator) and Tamara Tomasevic (CIP – Center for Interactive Pedagogy associate).

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