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The Magic of Number 5: Season of Giving will Help a Minimum of 500 Children in Serbia!

by , Posted on 25th Mar 2022

Our most successful Season of giving continues to spread delight fivefold – first, we raised five times more money than the goal we had set, and now we are pleased to inform you that, thanks to your support, we will help at least 500 children instead of the originally planned 100… and it doesn’t end there! 

The support of more than 1,400 people from 32 countries around the world will enable 100 children from Nis to start their preschool journey. However, that’s not the end: considering that – after our founders Novak and Jelena Djokovic matched all donations – we exceeded the goal of the Season of Giving campaign almost five times, there are more than enough funds remaining for other projects. Same as with the funds, we multiplied the number of children by 5 thus arriving at the magic number of 500. As of now, the two projects in which part of the collected funds will be invested are Brzi Brod near Nis and Sajlovo near Novi Sad.

Just like in the previous years, this Season of Giving will nudge us even closer to our goal, which is to enable every child in Serbia to have access to quality early education by 2030. Very soon, the kids in Brzi Brod and Sajlovo will have the opportunity to express their musical talents in front of their peers and teachers, same as this duo. 

Brzi Brod (Nis)

Before leaving Nis, we will head to Niska Banja and stop in Brzi Brod, where we will fully equip 5 study rooms with furniture, toys, books, didactic materials, as well as Venetian blinds and sleeping beds for all children. This endeavor will include 125 children (5*5*5) or, more precisely, one nursery, two mixed groups and two groups of preschoolers.

Sajlovo (Novi Sad)

In Sajlovo, we will enable as many as 275 (55*5) children to go to preschool! We will completely equip all rooms in 11 groups of all ages – from the younger nursery group to preschoolers.

Season of giving

The projects in Brzi Brod and Sajlovo will be realized in cooperation with the cities of Nis and Novi Sad and will be completed this year.

We will soon inform you who else your generosity during the Season of Giving will help. Thank you for your support and continue to follow our work!

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