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Schoolyard Full of Happy Children!

by , Posted on 21st Oct 2013

Children from this small village in Serbia celebrated Children’s Week (7-11 October) together with their teachers, by organizing various activities in the school. One of them was “Children’s view”.

Every boy and girl wrote what they would like to do and what they thought they had right to do. They showed creativity, developed imagination and played with friends in their new yard and building which was renovated with the help of the “Novak Djokovic“ Foundation within “Schools of Life” project.

I have the right to go to seaside, have fun, play computer games, play football, socialize, learn! These few notes are written with a felt pen inside a beautiful orange “flower”, next to the green, blue and red coloured “flowers” with similar messages, that decorate the classroom wall in renovated “Sava Kerkovic” school in Kadina Luka.


The celebration began on Monday, with a workshop that involved children and parents. They made boxes in which everything that children make during the year will be kept.

– Shoeboxes were covered with crepe paper in several layers using wallpaper glue. We had papers in various colors. Each parent and their child made ​an emblem (name, photo, cartoon character, beads, stars …) and pasted it on the box, so that every child could quickly recognise its box. The workshop was attended by preschool and school children and their parents, and the atmosphere was very cheerful – said Marijana Obradovic, teacher and one of the organisers of this nice event in Kadina Luka.

The new, better conditions in this school have already begun to connect children, widen their horizons and make their childhood more beautiful. A bus full of cheerful kids from “Kaja“ school, from Ljig municipality, came last week. They were divided in four groups and given different color shirts. The kids took part in various competitions: 30 meter running, pulling the rope (teachers pulled the rope in exhibition part of the program, while the students cheered enthusiastically), jumping, driving “babies” in carriages, transporting baskets full of apples… After the competition, students helped themselves to sweets, had fun on new climbing bars, played an interactive game “Don’t get angry man” and ” Hopscotch” drawn on the sidewalk.

A day later, new friends arrived from five off-shoot classes, and the extended stay class from Ljig. Over 100 students gathered in the school yard. They were very happy and joyful; their laughter spread throughout the village which could rarely be seen and heard in the school before it was given new life through the “Schools of Life” project.

– Children were waiting for a clown to arrive. When he got there, they gathered around him, and the show began. He made them laugh, put the make-up on in front of them, performed tricks, involving children in activities and solving situations… He made ​​different shapes with balloons for them … The students were thrilled, they enjoyed every moment of the 2-hour entertainment – Marijana added.

The celebration came to an end on Friday, when a costume party was organised. The children already want to organise a similar gathering in Kadina Luka soon, the place where only about 10 kids attended classes until recently. Now 15 preschool children come to kindergarten in this school each day, having access to the preschool programs for the first time, thanks to the “Schools of Life”. Many children from surrounding villages come to Kadina Luka every day to enjoy in the beautiful yard.

It’s the “Novak Djokovic” Foundation’s pride and joy.


7 – 11 OCTOBER

  • Monday: Workshop with parents (making boxes for children creations)
  • Tuesday: Children’s view (I have the right to …)
  • Wednesday: Sports Day with friends from “Kaja” school
  • Thursday: Clown Paja visit (We hosted six off-shoot classes)
  • Friday: Costume party

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